Seed Reminder

Hi Folks,
I know it’s been awhile since I’ve sent out a written post but I felt it time to give you a reminder. As we talked about often, I recommend that you begin to gather and cultivate wild edible and medicinal plants. These plants are considered weeds to most folks who don’t know the medicinal nor nutritional value in these plants, and instead of trying to rid our gardens of them I suggest that you fill your gardens with them. After all they can usually withstand harsh environments and nutrient poor soils, needing little care in their cultivation. Yet many of these plants are as high in nutritional value and in some cases have more nutritional value than do our cultivated food crops.
As many of you know, Dave has been experimenting with making amaranth bread, and found that what I told him is very true. Eat a slice of amaranth bread and you will kill your appetite and food cravings for several hours such is the nutritional value of amaranth, not to mention how easy it is to cultivate and the staggering yield it gives for a small patch of garden. Dave made up some acorn bread during last broadcast session and the same thing happened in that no one felt like eating anything else for hours.
We are now in the time of the year that you should be collecting seeds, berries, roots, and tubers and transplanting them into gardens or storing them for next spring planting. However, as caretakers and healers of the Earth, it is important to leave plenty for the animals that need them for food and also spread the seeds over larger areas near the harvested plants so that more will be available next season. By doing so you will have a great harvest next growing season that will increase year after year, until the end of days.
I would also strongly suggest that you grab your field guides and wild edible plant guides and find out what plants are found in your area and subsequently learn to identify them, collect them, prepare them, and eat them once or more a week so that you and your family become familiar with not only the taste but the preparation process. This is also a great way of getting the whole family involved in not only the identification but also the preparation and consumption of these wild plants that are usually ignored or eradicated by most folks. Learn, gather, prepare, eat, plant, and harvest next year, or grow them in a small greenhouse through the winter months in an indoor garden. Again, just a reminder to gather and learn for the future, for knowledge is our only salvation in what lies ahead.
In Medicine & Walk Strong,

Grandfather’s Hidden Secrets Class

I am sorry that I did not get this note out to all of you on Friday, but for all of you who are signing up or will be signing up for the upcoming class I need you to have a few things ready. First I need you to go back to any dreams, visions, symbols, signs, and/or other spiritual communications you have had concerning the future and send them to me as soon as the chat room opens. Remember that this class is as much about you and your Visions of the futures as it is Grandfather’s Vision of the probable future. It is through the way Grandfather and his people approached the visionary experience, the questions they asked, how they asked them, and what they sought that will help guide you to fully understanding your personal visionary experiences.
I would also like you to share with me your concerns about the future, not only on a global and regional scale, but also what the probable and possible futures hold for you and your family. I am going to be using all of your feedback to illustrate to you how to not only fully understand you visions but expand upon them. I also want to show you how to get more insights on a daily basis into the immediate probable and possible futures in all areas of your life. I also want to touch upon the very sensitive area of how to teach your children to pay attention to prophetic dreams and visions, allowing them to realize that this is not something that is odd or just in their imagination. Children sometimes have a very strong view of the probable and possible future that adults tend to dismiss as childish.
Thanks and In Medicine,

The upcoming Hidden Secrets of Prophecy online class

Spontaneous Teaching

Hey folks,

David here, posting for Tom – he asked if I could put together some video clips from the last Spontaneous Teaching class to give a better idea of what the class is like.  So I put down the osage snap bow I’d been working on, put the experimental survival food bars (lacto-fermented of course) project on hold, and made a short video montage, about 6 minutes long.

Last time we did the class I was pretty surprised – the students really shaped the direction of the class and Tom rarely devotes so much time to just answering questions.  I think a lot of students don’t realize just how infrequent such a session is – here in the studio we were all a bit shocked when we realized how Tom intended to approach the broadcast.  Of course there’s still some elements of the coyote teacher involved, but a lot of info slips in under the belly… So if you can manage it, I highly recommend joining us this coming week for a few hours each night.

Prerequisite:  Standard, Philosophy 1 or Tracker Handbook class.  To register for this class: