Grandfathers’ Strong Warning

Hi Folks,

I found myself falling into the very trap that I warned you about and Grandfather warned me about so many decades ago.  When the news of yet another possible school shooting blasted over the news outlets I found myself saying, “well it isn’t too bad, no child had to die”, after all I thought its’ not another Sandy Hook shooting where so many children died.”  And then I caught myself and thought, “what a fool I’ve been to think that!”  I had fallen into the trap of complacency, callousness, and apathy, just as Grandfather had warned would happen.  

We develop within us some schedule of events that will take us to the ultimate collapse that Grandfather warned of, and if that schedule is not met then we fall pray to the apathy and callousness.  When Grandfather warned of the rapid acceleration of collapse as we are living in now you must remember that his perception of time was far different that our own.  He knew that I would think that we are now in a head long out of control rush to slam right into the dawn of the “Red Skys” and thats’ when he warned of the complacency derived from our expected schedule.

We are in troubled times, very troubled and frightening times.  Things today are not as they were even two years ago or a decade ago.  Because of the way horrific events come about we begin to overlook the severity of each event, lost in power as time passes by.  We begin to grown complacent, calloused, apathetic, and fail to see the bigger and more frightening picture unfolding around us every day.  It is this one area of callousness and complacency that will become our downfall and lead us to a slow and lingering death along with many of our family members and loved ones.  

To get out of this mind set you must do what I ask my students to do when they come back for volunteer work.  Many of them lament that they have had little time to practice and become worried about their skill level.  On the tracking line as they stand 5 feet behind me I point at a fox track in the debris and ask, “can you see the track?”  The answer is always a confident yes.  Then I ask them to remember back to the first time they were on a tracking line and I asked them if they saw a track.  They will remember for they were laying on their belly next to me straining to see the track that I was pointing out.  Now with only a little experience and checking perspective of where they now stand seeing the track the realize how far they have come.

You must learn to do the same with both world and local events and how the ultimate journey to the “Red Skys” will effect all of us.  Ask yourself if the events of the past few weeks are even remotely similar to what it was two years ago, a decade ago, or several decades ago.  This will give you a shockingly severe wake up call and you will never fall into that consciousness of apathy and complacency.  We can not let ourselves fall into a mindless approach to the future or have the luxury of backing off on our intense awareness and observation skills for to do so would invite disaster into our lives and we will be ultimately caught off guard.  Please, I beg you all, stay awake, stay aware, observe, and check your perspective of time and events frequently.

In Medicine,