In Sadness

Hi Folks, It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that Debbie, Coty & Rivers’ mom passed away a few hours ago unexpectedly. Apparently she was rushed to the hospital and passed away there due to complications from pneumonia. It was a shock to all of us and I would appreciate it if all of you could send a prayer for my sons and Debbies Mom and Dad. The family has been through a lot of heartache in that Debbies brother Michael was one of the pilots that hit the World Trade Center and now Debbie passed away. Love, Blessings and In Medicine, Tom


Hi my Brothers and Sisters, I am so sad to bring you the news that our dear sister, Elder and Master Scout passed away this morning. To all of us who knew her and loved her we will really miss here especially at the Scout Classes. Peggy was one of my role models and I’m so deeply sadden by the news. What a lady, what a Scout. Love and Blessings, Tom

Update and Announcements

Hi Folks, I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve been on my blog and that is because I had to take a few months off from many things because of the busy summer schedule. My next blog which will be coming out shortly will be an emergency update. The reason for this blog is that I’ve become a very proud Daddy. I finally convinced my son Tommy to open his own school out in Oregon and it is amazing. Check out his web page at and you’ll be amazed at how far he has come. Not only does he run private and semi private classes both online and physical but he specializes is several unique areas. When you look at his web site look at his photography and like me you will be amazed. He runs classes in Nature Photography which entails approaches to wildlife using some of Grandfather’s unique teachings to get you ultra close to the animals, picking the right environment, stalking and tracking to make your wildlife photography more amazing. Of course he runs classes in survival, tracking, awareness and several other areas. Remember that Tommy was the head instructor at my Tracker School for many years and also remember that I raised him. He could read, identify and follow tracks before he could actually read a word. You got to check it out.

Please pray for all of our brothers and sisters caught in Hurricane Ian in Florida. They are being hit hard and I’d like to ask the entire Tracker Family to try and reach out to them. Blessings and in Medicine, Tom


Hi Folks,

Ever wonder why I announced the Prophecy online class several weeks before the latest UN environmental report, the Ukraine crisis and the threats of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare came into play? Coincidence? I think not. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Happy New Year

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Productive New Year. I know that things right now look bleak at best and with nearly all of Grandfather’s Prophecies coming true day by day it’s hard to find happiness and peace. Remember, there is still Hope and Prayer. I know that looking at all the problems with the world and the Earth it is a bit hard to find hope but hope is a powerful tool especially when compounded by Prayer. Grandfather told me long ago that no matter how bad things get that I should never loose hope or faith that we can possibly turn things around both individually and globally. Hope is what I cling to and it is hope that keeps me going even in the toughest of times. If I could give you any gift or wisdom for this coming New Year I would give you Hope. For it is through Hope, Love and Prayer that we can all make a difference.

Love, Blessings and In Medicine to all of you, Tom


Hi Folks. As many of you may have heard a tornado hit Wells Mills Park and trashed it with hundreds of trees down and significant damage. During the time of the tornado both 4 EEE’s and COTEF were holding a family camp at the Tracker Primitive Camp just a short distance away from where the tornado touched down. We have been truly Blessed and Protected in so many ways. For all of you who prayed for us during the tornado I just want to thank you so very much. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

The Hidden Mind

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that today is the last day you can sign up for both the Hidden Mind and Ghost Talkers online classes. Kelly is going on vacation and we can’t process any late enrollment. For those of you taking the Hidden Mind class I think that you will be shocked at the scope and depth of the class. As I’ve said this is one of the teachings Grandfather held off until the last few years we were together. In saying that you can understand that the class will be very advanced, enlightening and awe inspiring. I hope that you can attend because I’m really excited about this class.

All Good Medicine, Tom