California Standard and Philosophy classes in March

To all Tracker Graduates and Tracker Family members out West,

You may or may not know, but the Tracker School and I will be running the Standard and Philosophy Class just outside of San Diego this March. The classes will be held at the Mataguay Scout Ranch in Santa Ysabel. It is my plan once again to run classes in the Western United States at least every other year. Many of you are graduates of the classes held up in the San Jose area for over 20 years, and now we’re asking for you to help us spread the word. This is a short note asking you to tell your friends, who may have always wanted to take the classes but found the cost of travel too prohibitive, that we will once again be in the area.

Assure them that the Tracker School has been in operation for nearly 40 years, and that no other outdoor school even comes remotely close to the intensity, depth, expansive knowledge, and experience that the Tracker offers. Remember that I’ve run the Tracker School long before the word survival became an embarrassing cliché on TV, or when most people didn’t even know what a Tracker was or did. As always, no matter what other school they may have gone to, I promise that it will exceed all expectations and that it is a money back guarantee.

If you’re tired of the same half a dozen fire making devices, the dozen shelter types, or the two dozen traps, bows and countless other basic skills that are being offered elsewhere, then come to the Tracker School and get a wake up call. It will change you deeply and expand your confidence and knowledge to the highest degree. As a Tracker Graduate, you know how intense and filled with knowledge and skill the Tracker Classes are, so if you want to retake any of the classes, and provided there is room, you may retake the class at a greatly reduced rate. Also, if you bring two people there is no cost for you to retake the class.

Let your family and friends know that we are back and back to stay! With your help I want to reestablish the Tracker School out West once again, and in years to come offer many more upper level classes. As we work together to make this happen share this letter with your friends and family.

All Good Medicine
And Thank You,

ps: I’m sorry to announce that because of the number of students attending the classes, I can’t have guests come and visit. That is a request of the land owners.