Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who sent cards, wrote letters, emails and texts whishing the Tracker School a Happy 42 anniversary. Actually my first real class was back in 1962 when I was but 12 years old. That was when a very dear and close family friend and retired State Trooper, Uncle Joe, asked me to help him teach a small group of troopers to track lost people as well as fugitive recovery. As you will remember if you took the Standard Class Uncle Joe was the person who got me started tracking for law enforcement and forensic investigators. I subsequently met with those same troopers and many more over the next 5 years at least twice a year. For my first weekend teaching they gave me $5 which was a small fortune back then for a poor Piney kid. Through all of my years of teaching there is one thing that remains constant and that is Grandfather and his mastery of skills both physical and spiritual. None of what I teach is mine for it belongs to Grandfather and the great lineage of Elders.

As I look back over so many years that have gone buy I often think back to the early days when I first began to teach in 1962. Back then no one knew what a tracker was or what they did. And the only thing out there that resembled any form of survival was classes given to the military recruits and aviators. Wow have we come a long way from those early days. It is a bit ironic that during March of 1962 Grandfather took us to the Hill called Prophecy and told us of the four warnings of the oncoming collapse. From that day on I began to warn people of what was to unfold and once again we face another of Grandfather’s Prophecies coming true in the form of the latest pandemic with yet more to follow.

Thank you all and In Medicine, Tom

Wilderness Diseases

Hi Folks;

Wow!!! What a great class. The online class on pandemics and the corona virus surpassed my wildest expectations. The responses and questions we received from all of you showed a great deal of enthusiasm, caring and dedication. At once it has become one of my favorite classes but also a bit of a nightmare at times. The big stressor for me was trying to reach a broad spectrum of students from those who have taken scores of classes to those who have taken no Tracker Classes. I cant remember how many hours I poured over the class outline, adding, removing, and modifying till I felt I reached a point where I could reach everyone. My brother Jim was great at rounding out the class especially with his strong scientific background in infectious diseases. We prayed that this class would alleviate many of your fears and build a certain confidence that will see you through these troubled times and those yet to come.

That being said, Jim and I have been working on a book together called WILDERNESS DISEASES; the avoidance, prevention and the treatments available both from Nature and from modern science. In the book we will teach you how to avoid the many diseases that are so easy to infect the folks who are not aware of them. The book is still about 16 months away from being published so we thought, “why wait”! Subsequently Jim and I are in the process of developing a class that we will put online sometime in May. Given the way this past class on pandemics had gone I believe firmly that the Wilderness Diseases online will be even more of a success. We will keep you posted as to dates and times.

Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Dr. James W. Brown

As many of you know I’m running a 3 day program on how to stay safe during the corona virus pandemic. I’ve held off doing this class for years as I waited for the moment to be right and the need great. I must admit I’m more nervous about this class than any other class I’ve taught in the past 41 plus years. It is not so much the information and skills that I will be teaching but more so the sheer volume of material I want to get across. Even though I began writing up this class nearly 30 years ago as we approached the situation we all now face I’ve had to add more and more to the outline. The problem is that in the final analysis I can’t really cut any of it out. Subsequently if you are enrolled in the class starting tonight at 5:00 pm. prepare for the class to run overtime. Even though the program will be available to you in a download after the program is finished I would suggest strongly that you have a notebook with you to highlight the most important areas and to record your questions which will be answered online.

With that being said I’m so pleased and thrilled to announce that my brother Jim will be with me during the Sunday program. Jim’s specialty is infectious diseases and he has traveled all over the world lecturing to various colleges, medical facilities and disease oriented institutions. He is also a retired member of the New Jersey board of health as well as a retired Dean at Ocean County College. He earned his masters and Phd at the Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry and Rutgers Medical School. Most of his work has been cutting edge research, prevention and testing. Today he runs an award winning online class that is affiliated with several major universities. Jim is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable researchers I have ever met. He is not just my brother but also my best friend. During the latter part of the program he will be with me to answer your questions and give you sound advice.

Needless to say if I sound proud of my brother that is an understatement for the decade I was wandering he was working several jobs, teaching at the university and researching his thesis. He dedicated himself to something I could never do. Finally, and keep in mind that he was often the tag along with Grandfather Rick and Me but because of a bone degeneration in his ankle he couldn’t come to the camp on a consistent basis.

I’m so thrilled to have him as my guest for this online program on diseases and surviving pandemics. I know that he will help balance out the program in a very powerful way. The great thing about Jim is that he had the best of both worlds meaning a strong cutting edge science background and Grandfather. In dealing with the horrors we all face he will make a great balance in the program.
Blessings and In Medicine to all of you. Tom

The latest update from Phil to Tom


Here is the latest. All states reported infections including Washington DC, West Virginia being the last state reporting its first infection on March 17, 2020. Over the course of the last week, the number of infected increased around 30% per day in the United States

142 countries in the world reported infections. Not all reporting services define countries in the same way, but this is the tally from the source I’ve been following.

The CDC estimated that between 2.4 million and 21 million people may need hospitalization in the United States1, which has a total of 925,000 beds, of which less than 10% are dedicated to critically ill2. The outbreak could last months, to a year. Estimates suggest that Covid-19 could infect between 160 and 214 million Americans.

If this rate of infection holds steady, basic math says that the number of infected people will double every three days, my input, and if it holds for a month, by April 14 close to 7 million people will have been infected within the United States. Realize this is based on an assumption that the numbers increase 30% a day. This rate may change. Also, this is purely exponential, and disease infections follow a logistics curve, which has an exponential stretch in the beginning, and have a shoulder and a tail. I will continue to monitor the reports and update estimates on a periodic basis.



Just a simple Quote

Hi Folks,

One of my favorite quotes came from Teddy Roosevelt and I’ve cherished it since the first time I ever heard it back in 1961. Teddy hated critics and loved the doers. I follow that same wisdom in that you will never hear me criticize anything or anyone. I just don’t have the time to be a critic. That is why I remain silent about all of the survival shows on TV, the survival schools that seem to be popping up daily based on so little experience it makes me bite my tongue. Grandfather in fact was the same way as Teddy and when I read him this quote I saw the tears in his eyes. The quote is as follows and I hope it brings you the inspiration it has brought me all of these years.

“it is not the critic who counts….The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whos face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly….who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”

I hope you take this into your heart and dare greatly against all odds, against all criticism and cherish every moment of the good times and the bad. And by doing so there will never be bad times.

Blessings and In Medicine to all of you.


Update/some thoughts

Hi Folks,I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you on the corona virus pandemic that will become a tremendous learning experience for all of you. As I said in my last post, don’t look at this pandemic through the eyes of fear or panic but instead look at all of this as a grand adventure and a challenge. If you back away from it all and take a long hard look at what is going on all around you it will not only amaze you but provide you with vital information needed for the horrific future we all will someday face. ‘

By observing people closely you will gain tremendous insight into how people are coping or not coping with the pandemic. Observe people like you are a fly on the wall, feel the tension in the air as you go into the more populated areas. Watch how they drive, search for food and toilet paper, make pathetic preperations for the unseen where some of the things people do boarder on panic laced insanity. Up until this point in their lives survival to most people was missing lunch or a thermostat set below 72 degrees. Most folks have never been in a survival situation and subsequently don’t have a clue what to do. Here is a golden oppertunity to observe people facing a survival situation and though many will not admit it, people are generally frightened where the fear of the unknown is driving them to distraction. As I said, this is a grand learning experience because it will prepare you for even harder and more frightening times that lie ahead.

One of the great rewards of watching people is that you remove yourself from the overall situation. By becoming emotionally detatched you observe things clearer and without prejudice. Also by watching people you will learn from their mistakes along with much of the panic induced behavior that is driving them. This gives you a tremendous edge and confidence in your own skills and abilities. Whenever possible use your Inner Vision to go deeper into the workings of humankind. Beyond observation of people and their actions look at the concentric rings that they put out. The very landscape and wildlife react differently than they have under normal circumstances to a point where it seems like the entirety of creations is caught up in the maddness.

One last thought. If you find yourself temporarily laid off use that home time wisely. Work on the skills that you learned at the Tracker School. With each element of Survival and the Sacred Order; shelter, water, fire and food, work each of these elements into a city or suburban environment and then push the skills further to fit the circumstances and elements of the pandemic we now face. The more you watch and closely observe people and the more your work on your basic survival skills the more you will feel a healing taking place. Not only will your confidence grow stronger but you will feel a certain deep peace, a visceral knowing that can’t be explained in words. At that point you will know beyond a doubt that you will survive, learn and finally transcend all concerns. We are all on this journey, this challenge and this grand adventure together and as Grandfather said, “only the children of the Earth will survive”.

Blessings to all of you,


Pandemic Update

Hi Folks,

Well another one of Grandfather’s prophecies is unfolding just as he said. Since he told me of this back in 1962 atop Prophecy Hill I’ve been preparing for this and many more to come in the very near future. Yet with all the preparations I’ve made mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually the reality of it all still makes me feel like I’ve been gutted. Even with all of the visions and visionary nightmares I’ve had through the decades, warning class after class of Grandfather’s warnings, nothing can really prepare you for the real thing such as this pandemic to take place.

Needless to say that I’m deeply concerned for everyone in the Tracker Family and community. I’m not so much concerned about the physical challenges posed by this pandemic but more for the mental and emotional health of all of you and your families. After all so many of you are highly trained survivalists and I have little doubt that what you learned in your Standard Tracker class will easily translate into the circumstances we all face now. I’m even more confident in those who have been through even the basic Philosophy Workshop for that alone will insure your survival and the survival of those closest to you. But here in this latest update I want to add something that may ease your concerns and it deals with the way you look at the ever worsening situation we all face.

There are two ways of looking at and living with the situation we are living in. One option is to get all worked up in fear, follow the masses and buy enough toilet paper to stuff a mattress, (why I guess I’ll never know) OR look upon and live the situation as a challenge, a grand adventure. Look back on our parents and grandparents who survived the dust bowl, the great depression and World War II with extensive rationing and hardship. You see those are the stories we grew up with and as the old ones tell it there is a sort of yearning, an excitement and adventure in their tone and voice. That is what you and I have to do. I look at all of this as a grand adventure, where you are living life close to the edge, where every move has to be calculated. The challenge that this all poses is the most exciting thing because I love challenges where they take you to the bare bones of emotion, empowering my mental attitude to reach the intense heights of adventure.

So take the positive “can do” approach, know that you have the skill to survive and protect you family and those closest to you. Don’t look at this as a hardship or a gut wrenching worry but rather look at this as a grand adventure, a challenge that will test your survival skills, your mental and emotional strength, and a grand way to empower your spiritual life and living with an unwavering trust in the Great Mystery that you will be protected. Its all up to you and your choices. You can choose to live in fear bordering panic or you can choose to make this into one of the greatest adventures and challenges of a lifetime.

I’m praying for all of you. May the Great Spirit Bless all of your Trails, Tom

Online Class Announcement

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to ask you to look at our Tracker Web Page and the announcement of the upcoming class for the oncoming pandemics and corona virus crisis. I was going to hold this class when we start the new season but this has become such a pressing and frightening issue that it has to be done NOW!!

In Medicine,