A Reminder

Hi Folks,

I know that many of you have problems remembering what day of the week it is far less the date and even the month. With this much time on most peoples hands they tend to loose track of time and date. I remember back to my wandering years where if someone asked me what time it was I’d say, “Well it’s half past spring”. But that is the way it is when time, date or even month don’t really matter anymore. You begin to follow another dimension of time, Earth Time where the rythms of existence is slowed and your life is based more on seasons, sunrise and sunset and the flow of natures tides of existence rather then the mechanical time of humankind. With this in mind I want to remind you all that tomorrow night, beginning at 5:00 pm and going well past 9:00 pm will be the start of the Pandemics Part II online class. In other words, tomorrow is Friday May 1st. 2020 for those of you who don’t remember what year it is.

To tell you the truth I’ll be glad when this class is all over and for two reasons. One reason is that I will be able to pass onto you these life saving teachings to help you not only flourish when all around you is in collabse but to expand your knowledge of all things of Spirit and Wilderness. The second reason that I’ll be glad when this is finished is that I’ve probably spent more time writing up and researching this online class outline than any other 5 classes combined. Even as I write this I’m still putting the final touches on the outline and as always I probably will not finish until just before the class begins tomorrow night. The biggest challenge for me has been trying to pack as much information and teaching into the class as humanly possible. Again, the date is Thursday, April 30th, 2020. LOL Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Oops! One more thing

Hi Again,

Please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for the Pandemics Part II online class. Last time Kelly had to work through the night and weekend because so many people waited until the last minute. I’ve told Kelly that cut off for the sign up will be Noon on Friday, May 1st. I’m sorry for this but Kelly is the only person in the office and I don’t want her to get swamped. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Pandemics II prep.

Hi Folks,

I thought that the best way to get this out to all of you who are attending the Surviving Pandemics II online class beginning Friday evening is to Post it in this Blog. I want you to be aware that the things that I will be teaching in this Part II class are not just for use in surviving pandemics or for that matter any of the elements of Grandfather’s Prophecy that are fast coming our way. The techniques and teachings will open a huge doorway for all of you and the application of these teachings are expansive and limitless, reaching into all that you do as a Child of the Earth. I would strongly suggest you have a notebook with you while viewing the class, not just to jot down your questions but also stress the various areas of teaching that will have a tremendous impact on your life. Remember that like Grandfather most of my teaching is through the Way of the Coyote and possesses layer after layer of meaning open to anyone seeking the deeper meaning in the teachings. Remember too that none of this is mine, for it is Grandfather and the long list of Elders that searched for the truth from where the teachings are derived.

Beginning today or tomorrow I want all of you who are enrolled in the class to go deep into the Warning Prayer at least 3 or 4 times a day. When you do and if you get that uneasy feeling that we talked about I want you to write it down as in the time, the place and the feelings that comes with that feeling. Going further and deeper with this exercise and no matter how slight the uneasy feeling is, I want you to identify and feel where in your body this feeling effects you. You will find in short order that each different warning hits you differently and in a different part of your body and Soul. Also when those feelings come I want you to research them fully by going from Surrender to Surrender while paying attention to the messages that are revealed.

Another thing that I need you to do is to have 6 identical cups handy during the three sessions of the program/class. Any cup or container will do provided that you can’t tell them apart and that they will hold a liquid. The size of the cups are not important so anything that will hold a few ounces of liquid to 16 ounces will work well enough. I also need you to collect 4 small sticks about the size of a pencil and also collect 4 small stones the size of a marble. Please do not take the sticks or stones from anything you have collected before but rather make this a fresh collection. One last thing I need you to do is to collect some soil in a cup from your yard, garden, park or woods and I will need a second cup of soil collected along a roadway, the busier the roadway the better. We will be using most of these items that you are collection within the first few hours of the program and periodically through the entire series. There will be no time to collect these things when the program begins.

Please don’t forget to go through the Warning Prayer at least 3 times a day and record the results, no matter how slight those feelings might be. This is extremely important. You folks who are long time students, Medicine Society members and Elders please do the Warning Prayer exercise even though I know you have been doing it for a long time. As I said, all the teachings will be new and expansive for everyone. Blessings to all of you, In Medicine, Tom

For the Children

Hi Folks,

I hope and I pray that this post finds your and your family healthy and happy. I want to add another fun teaching game for you and the kids to play. It’s simply called the “stalking game” and Grandfather had us play the game often. Basically all that you will need is but two people to play the game. One person will be the stalker and the other will be the spotter. It is best to begin this game, especially when dealing with young children in an open area like a back lawn. As the child’s ability grows you than then move the game into the thicker woods and brush. The better the stalker is the thicker the brush should be.

The game is simple enough in that the spotter stands at the far end of the stalking arena no matter in the open field or the thick brush and turns his back on the stalker. The stalker starts at the far end of the arena or playing field and begins to quietly stalk the spotter. Periodically the spotter will abruptly turn and not matter what position the stalker is in he must freeze motionless. If any movement is observed the stalker is then sent back to the starting position to start over again. If the spotter detects any noise he will turn to where the noise came from and if a stalker made the noise he is sent back to the starting position to start all over. Remember to cut the younger stalkers some slack in that you want to keep this a fun and active game.

Another modification of the game that Grandfather often used is that the stalker, the spotter or both would be blindfolded. If the spotter is blindfolded he or she must pay rapt attention to any noise and if heard the spotter will turn remove the blindfold and bust the stalker that made the noise. The stalkers can also be blindfolded to increase the intensity of the game. Then again both the stalker and spotter can be blindfolded which really makes them push their other senses to the limits. The Coyote Teaching here is that it not only perfects the stalkers ability but also forces them to “sense” either the spotter turning or the stalker moving depending on which position you have chosen. Keep in mind that this exercise can also be done indoors if you can’t easily get outside. Blessings and Enjoy!!! Tom

Please Stop

Hi Folks,

I’m so sorry about this but I must ask you to please stop harassing the individual that abused the Tracker School email addresses. He informed me that he has been receiving death threats and hate mail and that is not what me or the Tracker School, Grandfather and the Lineage are about. To harbor a grudge, anger, hurt and betrayal is counterproductive. We have a war to fight together, a war to try and save our Sacred Earth Mother. Our numbers are so very few and we cant take part in the battle if along the way we are fighting among ourselves, pointing fingers and diminishing our energy buying into anger. So please stop harassing him.

On another note let me assure you that none of your personal records were compromised. Just the email addresses. We are taking steps now to prevent this from happening again, both through the web watchdogs and the legal elements now involved in this mess. As you know we at the Tracker School do not hand out class contact lists. That we leave in the hands of the class. I believed firmly that mailing lists were highly personal and used as a forum to further skills, ask questions and where people could go to further their education. Never did I think that these class lists, generated by the classes themselves, would be used for self-promotion, airing dirty laundry or advertisement. I must admit that this has really shaken me to the core of my Soul. But please, back off. I hope and pray that this never happens again. As the old saying goes, “People see your deeds but God knows your motives.”

On another vein of thought;

The Part II of the Pandemics online class is just a week away and shortly I will be sending out a Post dealing with things that I need you to do and prepare for the class. By far this Part II has taken me weeks to put together and it has been one monumental challenge but I know that no matter what level of education at the Tracker School you have had this class will rock the foundations of what you know. In Medicine and Blessings, Tom

A Sincere Apology

Hi Folks,

I’m so very sorry. I feel like I’ve been betrayed, gutted, slapped in the faced. If you received an email that was not generated by me or the Tracker School I apologize for the intrusion into your privacy. A certain individual broke into our data base and subsequently emailed our entire mailing list under the guise that you had been in a class with him. I refuse to step so low and mention the individuals name but it utterly sickens me. This morning I was hit by emails from many of you folks who said I violated their trust by allowing their email address to get out. My attorneys, accountants, agents, doctors and so many other people not even connected to the Tracker School as a student have contacted me asking me what was going on. I am so very sorry for this. Not only was I betrayed by someone I thought I could trust but he also betrayed the Tracker School, the Elders, the Tracker Family and the Keepers of the Wisdom. It sickens me to realize that he also betrayed Grandfather and the Ancient Lineage. Right now the matter is in our attorneys hands because this is blatant theft. Again, I’m so very sorry for all of this. With all that is going on in the world this is the last thing I needed to happen. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Ps; I want to assure all of you that this will not happen again. I’m having a phone meeting with our attorneys who have been in contact with the FBI and we will make sure that all private information is protected. I’m in utter shock over all of this.

Just a quick note

Hi Folks,

I hope you have been enjoying the exercises for your children and grandchildren that I have included in my past posts. Of course there is many more to come but at this point I just wanted to point out that all of these posts both in the past and the future came from Grandfather and the lineage of elders. With that being said you do realize of course that all of them are steeped in the Way of the Coyote, meaning that beyond the obvious teachings there are layer upon layer of deeper teachings both physical and spiritual. What is so important and I beg everyone to do this is to work with your children on these projects. By doing so you will experience a tremendous bonding and of course hours of fun. So many parents have told me that they actually got more from the exercises than their kids. That for me is a beautiful example of the Coyote going to work.

One thing I do want to say is that you and your children should start putting together your own medicinal herbal garden. By selecting plants in your area that have medicinal values, planting the seeds or the emerging plants you create a garden that is not only highly medicinal but a tremendous learning experience for both you and the kids. These gardens can be done in the classic garden way by creating a border of old logs, adding the proper soil, fencing it in and/or setting aside part of your normal garden just for herbs. It’s also a good idea to label each plant or seeded area so you and the kids can watch them grow. Then when the time comes and the need arises you can go right to your garden and make up the herbal mix from the plants you will know intimately. I also stress planting edible wild plants and as they grow to maturity harvest them with the kids and add them to a meal.

When creating these edible/medicinal herbal gardens make note of the type of soil each plant prefers. For instance some plants like acidic soil, other plants like very damp soil while other plants like the classic garden soil. Always match the plant to the soil they like to grow in. This way you maximize their medicinal qualities and get stronger healthier plants. Remember to save the seeds you don’t use so that you can plant them in areas that have been damaged by carelessness or neglect or use them for next years crop. Working together with your children research each plant thoroughly using several field guides to cross reference. This way the wisdom of the plants stick with the kids. Again, Enjoy and In Medicine, Tom

Baby Leaves

Hi Kids,

At this time of the year many baby leaves are emerging from the ground. Often times the herbalist has a difficult time identifying the mature plant that these leaves will eventually produce. What Grandfather had Rick and I do was t find an emerging plant, mark it with a carved stick, or in your case a popsicle stick will work well, and observe it closely. At home we would do the same thing and draw pictures of the emerging leaves. Every day we would go back and visit our little emerging plants, adding to our drawings as the plants grew up. From that point we would watch the entire plant grow up, go to flower, then seed and finally wilting and die off in the fall. In this way we would know intimately each little plant from the moment the first green poked through the soil to the time it turned to a brown-gray dried state. Yet this was only the beginning because Rick and I would collect bags of seeds from these plants and much like the Johnny Appleseed character we would plant the seeds where ever we would find barren ground that had been disturbed by humans.

Another great way of learning is to mark various trees throughout your yard, park or in the depths of the pathless woods. Study the tree bark carefully along with its flowers and buds. Every day or so go back to the trees, shrubs and/or vines and watch the tree flowers bloom and the leaves emerge. Throughout the growing season watch the leaves grow full and finally in the fall what color changes come over the leaves. In this way when winter hits again you will be able to identify the trees of winter just by looking at their bark structure. One of the fun parts of all of this was naming both the trees and the baby emerging plants. They became like family to us where to this day most of the trees around my old home and especially around Grandfathers Camp still have names. Names that either Rick and I had given them or that Grandfather had given them. All in all this is the best way I know of to fully know and understand plants from beginning to end. As with the small seasonal plants we also collected the acorns, pine cones and other seeds and nuts from trees and planted them where they were needed. To this day, areas that had been barren when we were young are lush forests today. Again, ENJOY!!!!! In Medicine, Tom

Collecting Animal Skulls

Hi Folks,

This short note is not just for kids but also adults and though the children will be absolutely fascinated by what I’m going to suggest to you they will need adult supervision. As many of you know that all of my life I’ve been an avid skull collector. Most of the skulls in my collection I’ve found in my travels. Grandfather called a skull, “the ultimate track” meaning that this is the last remaining part of an animals existence on Earth. To me the skull tells a limitless story. Even with the first few skulls and turtle shells I first collected with Grandfather I still go back and study them to this day. And each time I study them more of their secrets are revealed to me. My favorite way to collect a skull is to find it in the forest, the fields, the deserts or jungles because the area where it was found is as important as the skull itself.

Yet, even though much of my collection is from skulls I found in the bush there is still a sizable number of skulls that I had to clean the flesh from. Rick and I had found a road killed opossum and brought it back to camp to clean the skin, ligaments and tissue from the skull. It took us what seemed like forever. We soaked and washed the skull, picked off layer after layer of tissue but still as a finished product it still contained discoloration and hardened tissue particles that we could not get off. Grandfather laughed at our efforts and took us to a place a good distance from camp. There hidden in the bush and protected by a thatch covering he revealed to us a small pit lined with rocks from bottom to top. As we peered into the pit we saw a glob of moving beetles. After observing them for a few moments we realized that the beetles were feeding on a skull. We were amazed. Grandfather laughed and said, “I let the carrion beetles do all the hard work and cleaning.” With that he pulled out of his buckskin pouch a perfect small and delicate lizard skull. He said that he had found the small fence lizard only several days ago and put it in the pit. He told us that it only took them 4 days to clean the skull completely.

Needless to say within a few weeks the carrion beetle pit had expanded to 4 times its size. Rick and I were constantly adding skulls of road kills we had found to the pit and with that our skull collection grew in leaps and bounds. I had found an old aquarium that someone had thrown out and made another carrion beetle colony and placed it in the basement of my house. I didn’t have to do much to maintain it at all. If road kills were running scarce I would toss in scraps of meat that were left over from dinner. Yet Rick and I pushed the colony even further by adding small to medium size road kills. We would then pull out all the bones and rebuild the entire skeleton. It was beyond amazing for what we learned could never be found in books or taught. The whole process had to be experienced.

Now here’s my suggestion. Go to the internet and search “flesh eating beetles” and you will find a number of places that will ship you the live beetles and teach you how to set up the colony. I’ve always used discarded aquariums because they seem to work best and I can get a full view of the beetles at work. However at times I’ve also used galvanized garbage cans or plastic totes. Anything will work as long as it supports the colony. You will be amazed at how fast your skull collection will grow but you will be more amazed at how fast your kids will take to this new hobby. In Medicine & Blessings, Tom

For the Kids

Hi Folks,

I hope this message finds you all happy and healthy. I want to add another exercise to what you can do with your kids to get them away from the TV’s, video games, mindless texting and emailing. I love one of the exercises that Grandfather had Rick and me do at least every two months or so. I simply call it the Treasure Hunt. The way Grandfather taught us was straight forward. What he would do when we weren’t paying attention to him was to push a stick into the ground as a starting point and then lay down a series of serpentine tracks that would deliberately pause every so often. These tracks would lead to something he had hidden that to us was like a priceless treasure such as an arrow head he had made, a bone knife, a roll of sinew or a piece of brain tanned buckskin. Sometime later in the day he would say to us that he placed a stick at the beginning and we knew exactly what he meant.

We sometimes searched for hours until we found the starting stick and once found we would begin to carefully follow his tracks. Some of the tracks were quite easy to see while others were nearly impossible. Often times it would take us a few days to fully follow the trail. When we finally reached our prize we would come running back to Grandfather, so filled with excitement and out of control energy we could barely speak coherently. He would then say that we could only keep our treasure if we could answer questions about his trail. He would then proceed to ask questions like; what bush did I stop at and what medicinal values does the bush have, did I remove a leaf or stir the ground beneath it, what animal tracks did I pause at and why, and this would go on and on till we had all of the answers correct.

You can do the same for your kids in that depending on their skill level you may have to hit your feet harder on the ground or drag your feet. For the inexperienced I would suggest a simple log drag. This is where you tie a small log or stone to a length of cordage and drag it from the starting point to the treasure. As the kids skills grow you can lighten up the drag marks by picking up the end of the log or stone and only letting a little portion drag on the ground. Sometimes you can pick the log or stone off the ground completely and carry it a few steps and then drop it back on the ground. This will teach them how to “jump track” where they keep going in the same direction the tracks were heading and pick up the trail again. When they find the treasure and before you allow them to unwrap it or open it ask them a few questions about the trail they followed, what was around certain tracks or drag marks but make the questions just push your child’s skill level a bit. This is even a fun way to get adults involved in tracking.

There are so many modifications you can make to this treasure hunt game. You can make a detailed treasure map where as they reach each way point they have to observe something or do something. You can also begin the treasure hunt by telling them to first find the starting point which can be a stick stuck in the ground, a foot print and/or drag mark. This will teach the kids how to “cross track” and “cut track” to find that first set of tracks. You will be stunned at how fast the kids will be able to pick up tracking. By adding the treasure element to it you will add such excitement. Enjoy!! In Medicine, Tom