To Watch, to Observe, to be Aware.

In a recent class I defined the differences between observation and awareness the way that Grandfather defined them and by so doing I was able to take the class to levels of understanding that I could not have otherwise reached.  Basically and simply, when you observe something you are at the foundation of that observation.  That means that you are part of the equation with all of your prejudices, words, definitions, history, and baggage good or bad.  Unfortunately this pollutes any and all possible pure observation and we must learn to accept that any observation is subject to prejudices.  After all if five people witness and event and you question each of them you will get five different stories.  So accept the fact that observation is prejudicial and impure.

On the other hand Awareness removes the self from the process and subsequently removes all prejudice, words, definitions, history, and other baggage that would normally cloud the purity of what is being observed.  This is easy to say, meaning whenever possible remove self from what you are being aware of, but it is not easy to do.  It takes a conscious effort to set aside all your learned prejudices and even the way you look at things to be able to reach this level of purity.  The best way I know of ant the one that Grandfather taught the most was just to rid the self of all words, definitions, thoughts, emotions, and quiet the waters of the mind and heart.  if all you can do is set aside the words of definition then you have made a tremendous breakthrough and will begin to become more aware at a pure level, thus a deeper level.  

I find that there is a place between that of observation and awareness, a place that I simply call the “watching”.  Here in the “watching” or the “watch” I get the best of both worlds.  I first view the situation or thing that I am looking at through myself and the act of observing defined as I just defined it with all of its prejudices.  I then let go of observing and enter the world of awareness, free of all thought, words, and emotions taking in the entirety of the elements being experienced.  I then bring both the observations and awareness together and at that point a balance seems to be struck.  That balance comes more by accident than by design and it just happens, for you’ll notice a deep and profound change in your level of attention.  It is this place that I call the place of “watching”, and a place that I try to enter as often as possible because it gives me a clear view of both worlds at the same time.  There I can see, experience, the best of my observations and the best of my awareness fused together and reaching a higher level of enlightenment and knowing.  

The reason that I am sending you this is because within the next 10 days to two weeks events will unfold that you need to be aware of and “watch” carefully, especially finding the connection between your life and the unfolding events.  More later.

In Medicine


The Dolphins

Hi Folks,

Just thought you should know so that you can do your own research into this disturbing report.  From July 1st to November 3rd a total of 753 dolphins have washed up dead along the shores from New York to Florida.  During the same time frame in a normal year the number of dolphins averages around 74.  Keep in mind that these are the ones that we know about and have not been swept out to sea to decompose.  According to researchers the dolphins are dying from a type of measles that soon becomes a pneumonia loosely related to canine distemper.  The word disturbing is hardly enough to convey the feelings we have for this horrific carnage.  We are left asking ourselves Why???

For me the cause is obvious and is right in my face.  The chemical cesspool that Grandfather spoke of and warned of is hitting us hard.  The immune system of the dolphins has been weakened and the pathogens strengthened to a point where they can no longer fight the infection.  Ironic that these reports come out just a few weeks since I ran the Emerging Pathogens class and to the graduates of that class this report will have disturbing meaning.  The deaths of the dolphins are but part of the beginning and it will not be long before we see it cross so many lines and infect so many things.  The wasting disease is also on the rise and it will not be long, according to Grandfather, that we see it manifest in our crops and live stock, and not long afterwards ourselves.  

Nothing in Nature is an Island.  We are all connected through the-Spirit-that-moves-in-and-through-all-things.  What happens to the dolphins will eventually happen to humankind.  Research the news, dig deep, and keep in mind the chemical cesspool that we live in every day is taking its toll on all things.  Plan accordingly and pray hard.  

Walk Strong,


The Coyote

Pay attention to the last line of the September 25th blog and you will find a direct connection to what we have witnessed over the past day.  It is from a longer quote and question, “can the flap of a butterfly wing over the Canary Islands effect a category 5 hurricane bearing down on Mexico?”  It will come from the butterfly.  

In Medicine, Tom

Pray Hard

Hi Folks,

I know that I don’t have to ask you this but I will anyway.  Please pray very hard for all of those people in the path of the most powerful storm known to the history of humankind.  With winds of 150 mph and driving rains this storm has the potential of doing unimaginable damage.  Look at the area of the Philippines where the typhoon is headed and you will see the shanty villages on stilts above the water made of little more than corrugated plastic and bits of scrap lumber.  Even in normal storm conditions these shelters are hardly adequate and so many die because of poor construction.  They are just hours away from the typhoon making landfall so right now would be the best time to send your empowered prayers and continue them through the day.  

May the Great Mystery give them strength.  

Thank you folks, In Medicine, 



Ps.  The western black rhino officially went extinct yesterday.  I think that about a month ago there were still a few left but given greed, ignorance, and illegal trade the rhino was just stolen from my children and grandchildren.  

I haven’t forgotten

Hi Folks,

I haven’t forgotten you.  I’m still working on the notes I want to send out on our water and water supplies not only here in the United States but across the world.  I want to get it right and make sure all of the facts are correct before I release any statement but water is fast becoming a huge but hidden issue.  

The reason I’m a bit behind is that I am preparing for the upcoming Healing on line class and the The Tracker School Handbook.  Both of these are taking up much of my time because they contain so much information, teaching and wisdom that I want to make sure I can fit it all is.  As it is now we are going to have to go over by at least another session just to fit everything   and allow me to go beyond what I had originally planned to teach.  One of the great things that will actually be starting today is that as a companion to the Tracker School Handbook I am going to the Primitive Camp with my production crew and taking the class on a tour of all the Sacred Places that were so much part of my life and the life of Grandfather.  If you are enrolled in the class I think that you will love the journey back in time and the stories relived.  

The communication about water will follow in a few days.  I have not forgotten.

Walk Strong and in Silence,