Thank You!

Hi Folks and Thank You,

Several days ago my brother Jim suffered a bad fall and they thought he had fractured his neck.  To make sure the ran a series of x-rays and there was no fracture, however what they found was disturbing.  A large spot on his lung.  They took more x-rays, CT scans and the like and the spot was there and large enough to send out an alarm.  I subsequently asked many of you to pray for him.  That was yesterday.

Today he went to a major hospital in Pennsylvania for more tests and the tests came back negative.  No spot on his lungs, vanished, gone, and Thank You Thank You all so very much for including him in your prayers.

In Medicine, Tom

Apprentice II notes;

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to send out a quick note about the Apprentice II class enrollment.  I don’t know why but several of the members of the original Apprentice class have attempted to sign up for Apprentice II.  While I admire your dedication to Grandfathers’ Vision and teaching I don’t know why you would want to repeat the teachings you have already had.  The purpose of Apprentice II is to train more people for the Medicine Society and the last few remaining spaces will vanish quickly.  Like the upcoming Ceremony class I am about to close the enrollment to the Apprentice II class.  I hope that you understand.

In Medicine, Tom


Hi Folks and yes Wow!

I was not prepared for the overwhelming response to the second and final Apprentice Class, called Apprentice II.  I wanted to keep the number of students enrolled in the Apprentice II class the same as in the original class and we are fast approaching that number.  Keep in mind that once that number has been reached we will be closing the class and any late enrollment will be put on a waiting list in the event that someone has to drop out.  Please remember that this is a commitment class and I need your focus and dedication as we move through not just the first class but all those that follow.  I am amazed and humbled by your quick response and dedication to Grandfathers’ teaching and Vision.

In Medicine,