Update and Announcements

Hi Folks, I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve been on my blog and that is because I had to take a few months off from many things because of the busy summer schedule. My next blog which will be coming out shortly will be an emergency update. The reason for this blog is that I’ve become a very proud Daddy. I finally convinced my son Tommy to open his own school out in Oregon and it is amazing. Check out his web page at tombrown3.com and you’ll be amazed at how far he has come. Not only does he run private and semi private classes both online and physical but he specializes is several unique areas. When you look at his web site look at his photography and like me you will be amazed. He runs classes in Nature Photography which entails approaches to wildlife using some of Grandfather’s unique teachings to get you ultra close to the animals, picking the right environment, stalking and tracking to make your wildlife photography more amazing. Of course he runs classes in survival, tracking, awareness and several other areas. Remember that Tommy was the head instructor at my Tracker School for many years and also remember that I raised him. He could read, identify and follow tracks before he could actually read a word. You got to check it out.

Please pray for all of our brothers and sisters caught in Hurricane Ian in Florida. They are being hit hard and I’d like to ask the entire Tracker Family to try and reach out to them. Blessings and in Medicine, Tom