New Book & More

Hi Folks,

I just got a copy of my new book FIELD GUIDE TO HEALING THE EARTH and I can still smell the fresh ink. It’s on its way to book stores now and may students have already ordered it online. The book could not have come at a better time. Randy Walker really poured his heart and soul into the book and it is a reflection of his dedication to Grandfather’s Vision. I’m really excited about it because the book basically teaches what just one person can do to help save our Sacred Earth Mother. Often times the problems of the World and the battering of The Earth seems so out of reach for a single person but here for the first time I’ve put together a powerful plan based on Grandfather’s teaching that will bring everyone hope. I pray that the book does well and especially reaches the younger folks who now have risen up and demanded that the adults in their lives take action for their sake and the sake of their children. A new awakening? Lets all pray that it is and it lasts.

Just a quick thought,

As I’ve always told my students, with Grandfather we could be assured of 3 teachings every day without fail. Of course there were our daily lessons in awareness which Grandfather firmly believed was not only the most important physical skill but also the most important spiritual skill. Keep in mind that Grandfather never separated Tracking from Awareness because he believed that they were one in the same thing. Of course there was the ongoing daily lessons in the Way of the Spirit and last but certainly not least there was an often grueling workout that kept our bodies strong to meet the challenges of full survival. We learned to use the whole of the natural world as our gym from dragging logs for miles behind us, tying them to our waste and going till collapse. We swam with heavy stones, climbed with stone burdens on our back, ran from place to place and always pushing ourselves beyond our wrongly perceived limits. Grandfather and his lineage had devised so many ways of making our bodies strong that it is hard to remember all of them. Mostly he would hide a intense workout in the form of a game where we would not realize that we were actually working out because we were having so much fun.

One such game was called the leaf catch and this is the best time of year to make it happen. Basically the game is simple enough in that we wait near a big tree such as a swamp read maple that is constantly dropping leaves at this time of year. We would stand beneath the tree and as soon as a leaf dropped we would race to catch it. In the end the person with the most leaves would win. As time progressed and our speed and agility increased we would stand further back from the tree and to make it more intense we would make rules that we could not give chase until the leaf was half way to the ground. Another factor was the size of the leaf in that the swamp red maple leaves were rather large and would float down slowly where the leaves of a tupelo were smaller and fell faster often times changing direction abruptly and without warning.

This is a great game to play with anyone and fits into all age groups but the most fun is when you play the leaf chase game with your kids. They will have a blast and it is an easy and highly entertaining way to get them away from the electronic distractions and out into nature. Of course the work out and subsequent strength and agility gained by everyone is more than a blessing.

Have fun with it and enjoy my new book. Do something, anything to save the Earth and our children and grandchildren. Never back down and never run away. Our children are depending on us to make a difference now.

In Medicine and Blessings,