Enrollment closing October 4th

Hi Folks,

I’m sorry to announce that I will be closing enrollment for the upcoming Medicinal Herbs and Emerging Pathogens Class along with the POWER OF STORY class and THE HEALING class.  As I’ve said, these will become the most important classes I’ve ever run at the Tracker School and I wish that I could have held them open to enrollment longer.  We are nearly at overflow capacity now and I can’t take any more students for enrollment past October 4th.  I also have to send out preparation work and a list of things needed to have with your for both the live on line class and the physical class were applicable and I can’t delay that preparation any longer.  

Please understand that once I close the class at noon on the 4th I can make no exceptions for late registration.  By the 5th we will be well into the preparation phases of the class and I can’t possible accept any more at that time.  Again, if you can’t make deadline I’m truly sorry but we now have to move forward into this next phase.  For those already with me on this Journey, prepare for one of the most life changing experiences you will ever have.  

In Medicine, 


the Way of the Coyote

Hi Folks,

If you look at the quote that began the last note I sent out to you, you will notice the three different elements, animals within that quote.  The ant, the mouse, and the butterfly are all included yet they stand for more than just the animal in this quote.  Certainly they stand alone but they also stand together in part or in whole to bring together a bigger picture originating from the smallest of observations.  Look at the mice as the little keepers of the Earth and the butterfly the keeper of the sky.  It stands to reason then that in the workings of ants as they search for food high and low that they are the keepers of the link between the heavens and the Earth.  

As we journey into this weekend and the early part of next week look toward the butterfly for wisdom.  Later in the week we must look to the ants and then the mouse for complete understanding and personal revelation.  Language understood.

Walk Strong, Walk in Silence and Medicine, Tom

Butterfly Wings

“….and it is in the workings of an ant, the tracks of the mice, and in the flap of a butterfly wing that all truth will be known, all warnings will be given….”  Those words, part of a longer quote spoken by Grandfather back in 1962 on top of Prophecy Hill, was the focus of last nights program.  What Grandfather was telling us was to not pay so much attention to the events that are happening on the grand vistas, the larger and more expansive planes, but embrace again the world of the Tracker, paying attention to the little things, the subtile nuances and changes that add up to make a clearer and more intense communication. I’m not saying to turn away from the grand events found both locally and globally but to refocus and pay attention on a smaller level, gathering all parts of the vision, leaving nothing out, small or large.  It is through these little things that we will know all things, “for it is through the workings of an ant that we will find our preparation, our escape, our safe journey, and ultimately our salvation in the form of a safe place to finally call our home”.

So too, the Prayer, the Prayer of “You know my Heart”.  That prayer, though mostly or wholly unspoken, reflects our deepest yearnings and desires, our passion and our visions, to help those who need help, to heal, to guide, and to lead as visionaries into a horrific and unsettled future and futures.  It is through that prayer and our dedication to its power that we find direction and meaning, most of all an early warning system that will help keep all those around us safe.  That prayer must become your focus now.  Nurture it, empower it, and embrace it, for it will lead you into the future with confidence and peace, knowing that it is directly connected to the flap of a butterfly wing, and to the Great Mystery.

Walk Strong Now.  In Medicine, Tom

Emergency Live On Line Reminder

Hi Folks, just a quick reminder that I am putting out an Emergency Live On Line Program tonight beginning at 8:00 pm and continuing until I get all the information to you.  The program will consist of three parts; the Update, the Education, and the Emergency.  Each will define a certain area of my concern and further define Grandfathers’ Vision and Prophecy as it applies today and in the very near future.  I suggest very strongly that you have on hand a note book even though this program will be available to you as a download for 30 days its still good to take notes when the information is fresh.  If you could also try and attend the broadcast live with us and use the “Chat Room” we can get feedback from you about events happening in and around your area.  Remember that you are all highly trained and very aware individuals that look at the World and the Earth in a different way than everyone else, and it is through this higher level of training that we can better and more adequately assess the threats that we all face every day.  

Hope you can join us tonight.

Now more than ever, Walk Strong, Walk in Silence, Walk Medicine, Tom

Emergency Live On Line

Hi Folks,

Dave came in a few days ago and has finished setting up the Tracker Studio for the Emergency Program.  It is so urgent that it should be running today or tomorrow but I want to hold off a few more days to allow things to settle.  I also want to teach you several small but essential skills and awareness practices that will help you through the next few months cope with the things we will be facing both individually and as a society.  As I’ve said in earlier programs, I want to go beyond the warnings and the current events and add viable skills to your life with these communications and on line emergency and/or update programs.  

On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 FROM 8:00 PM TILL IT ENDS WILL BE THE TRACKER ON LINE EMERGENCY BROADCAST.  Of course all of you are invited along with your closest friends and family.  I would also like you to take advantage of our live chat rooms going on at the same time and contribute to them so I can get questions out to you and answers about conditions in your local areas.  Until then, Walk Strong, carefully observe, be deeply aware, and Walk in Silence,  Tom


Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you a quick update about how things are developing here with the Emergency live on line net cast that will take place within the next few days.  Dave Ott has just arrived in from Ohio and is in the process of setting up the Tracker Studio for the broadcast and today we are going to be working on some “B”roll as its called to show during the program.  Once those things are set up and in order I will be announcing the day and time of the Emergency update so that it will give you plenty of time to plan to attend.  We will need your feedback in the chat rooms for this one so if you can at all make it on line live with us it would be greatly appreciated.  There is so much going on right now that we want your feedback during the live program.  If you can’s attend live you can always download the program at a later date but given all of the circumstances we now face both individually and as the Tracker Family you will want to view the program as soon as you can.  

Also and equally as important is that I will be finally releasing the dates and descriptions of the two new on line classes I briefly talked about several days ago.  I had to wait until this point to announce these classes for many reasons where the biggest reasons is these very well could be among the most powerful classes I’ve ever run at the Tracker School and I want to make sure that everything is in order.  The announcement has already been sent out to various Tracker Groups like the Coyote Thunder Medicine Society, The Grandmothers, and some of the Keeper of the Wisdom, but I’ve made sure that I’ve held places open for many of you who will want to sign up.  Hopefully later today I’ll get those out to you.  

Now more than ever, Walk Strong, Walk in Silence,



From the Soul of the Coyote


No need for me to explain where this is coming from and how you are going to understand it, for that has already been established in and through all of you.  As I forewarned during the last live on line class, that I was waiting for something to happen, or rather a group of somethings to happen, and now it has and continues.  You know that I have to convey this through the Coyote and basically this will be brief, but I have to get this message out to you sooner rather than later.  The flooding, the shooting, the sinister undermining of everything we hold near and dear to us, everything we depend upon and cherish, is unraveling before us.  We stand by helpless and shocked, sometimes frozen in a state of panic turned to awe over its destructive power.  We can’t truly understand at this point nor can we have the point of fully understanding, instead we live in the hinterlands between action and reaction, awareness and avoidance, a place none of us wants to live within for very long for it burns deep the mind and emotion with that level of high intensity observation and awareness.  

Within the next few days i will be announcing several emergency live on line net casts.  The Keepers’ will come first and last will  be the entire Tracker Community.  Things have changed and changed fast, too fast, faster than I ever imagined and steps must now be taken as we enter this new era and make the necessary preparations to take care of our families and loved ones.  Don’t at this point read or hear me the wrong way, for it is not a time to panic, it still remains the time for preparation but new things must be added to that preparation and new skills embraced.  Things are not just getting dangerous, they are becoming lethal, and the sooner I can get these messages to you and the sooner you begin to integrate them into your everyday loves the better off and the safer we will all be.  

At this point, till I announce the emergency on line meeting dates i need you to pay even closer attention to the news and especially the areas of diseases and emerging pathogens.  This whole area is becoming a nightmare and it shows no sign of slow down anytime soon.  The mass murders like the one carnage that took place today should also be considered carefully.  This is one ugly side of humankind and it shows no sign of letting up even in the least, instead its frequency and violence are going to rise considerably.  It is in this randomness, the unimaginable violence and the places this violence takes place that leaves us stunned and broken down.  Its all been far too much, too fast, too violent, to hard to handle for so many people.  In saying that please take care of your children till we an get through all of this together and together we will.  Remember that children are not only very sensitive to all of this in connection to the Spirit-that-moves-in-and-through-all-things, but can sense it strongly in you also.

The new era has been reached, preparations need to be made, we need to come together even stronger than ever before and reach out to those who are not even in the Tracker Family with our love and guidance without compromising ourselves.  Talk to you all very soon my brothers and sisters.  Now more than ever Walk Strong, Walk in Silence and in Medicine, Tom