the Way of the Coyote

Hi Folks,

If you look at the quote that began the last note I sent out to you, you will notice the three different elements, animals within that quote.  The ant, the mouse, and the butterfly are all included yet they stand for more than just the animal in this quote.  Certainly they stand alone but they also stand together in part or in whole to bring together a bigger picture originating from the smallest of observations.  Look at the mice as the little keepers of the Earth and the butterfly the keeper of the sky.  It stands to reason then that in the workings of ants as they search for food high and low that they are the keepers of the link between the heavens and the Earth.  

As we journey into this weekend and the early part of next week look toward the butterfly for wisdom.  Later in the week we must look to the ants and then the mouse for complete understanding and personal revelation.  Language understood.

Walk Strong, Walk in Silence and Medicine, Tom