Enrollment closing October 4th

Hi Folks,

I’m sorry to announce that I will be closing enrollment for the upcoming Medicinal Herbs and Emerging Pathogens Class along with the POWER OF STORY class and THE HEALING class.  As I’ve said, these will become the most important classes I’ve ever run at the Tracker School and I wish that I could have held them open to enrollment longer.  We are nearly at overflow capacity now and I can’t take any more students for enrollment past October 4th.  I also have to send out preparation work and a list of things needed to have with your for both the live on line class and the physical class were applicable and I can’t delay that preparation any longer.  

Please understand that once I close the class at noon on the 4th I can make no exceptions for late registration.  By the 5th we will be well into the preparation phases of the class and I can’t possible accept any more at that time.  Again, if you can’t make deadline I’m truly sorry but we now have to move forward into this next phase.  For those already with me on this Journey, prepare for one of the most life changing experiences you will ever have.  

In Medicine,