Publication Date

Hi Folks,

I just got word that my new book, FIELD GUIDE TO HEALING THE EARTH, has an official publication date for November 11, 2020.  Also I’ve been given the go-ahead to rewrite and expand my first four field guides starting with my FIELD GUIDE TO WILDERNESS SURVIVAL.  These new volumes will expand on the original text adding new photographs and with triple the information and skills found in the original works.  Needless to say that they will be a tremendous addition to your bookshelf.  I’m so excited about this  because now I can reach more people with Grandfather’s teaching and Visions.  I’m also pleased and excited to announce that Randy Walker, an elder here at the Tracker School and Family, has coauthored the Healing the Earth Book with me.  He worked long and hard on this new addition and sacrificed much to get it done and done well.  Grandfather would have been proud.  Blessings to all of you and In Medicine, Tom

Update Broadcast on Saturday, Mar. 17th, 2018

Hi folks,
This Saturday at 8:00 pm Tom will be doing an Update Broadcast live from the Tracker Studio.  This broadcast is open to all the Tracker Family and friends – no prerequisites & no costs.  Log in details are below; for those new to these live broadcasts, please note the following:
– Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player installed on your computer; you can check that here:
Also check that your browser is the most recent version. If you’re not sure what this means, go here:
 – Tablets and mobile devices will need to install the Puffin browser to view the live broadcast.
– A moderately fast and stable internet connection of at least 800 kbps is required for an uninterrupted viewing experience.  Local conditions will vary given the speed provided by your internet service provider and the amount of internet traffic in that pipeline. It will help to have only 1 browser open with only 1 webpage open and no other programs running on your computer. A wired internet connection will be better than a Wifi connection.
– There is a chat room above the video player on the broadcast web-page.  We treat this like an actual class, so sign in with your real name. Please post comments/questions during the breaks so you can keep you’re attention on Tom while he’s speaking, though tech support comments are welcome anytime.

Update Broadcast online class with Tom Brown jr.
The camera (welcome screen) & music will begin streaming live about 1 hr. before Tom begins – use this time to check that all works on your computer. Class schedule is as follows:
Mar. 17, 2018, 8:00 pm to around 10:00 pm EDT

The link for the live broadcast webpage is:
You’ll be asked for a name and a password; please enter the following exactly as it appears (it’s case-sensitive, make sure you don’t have caps lock on, make sure there’s no extra spaces):

See you then!

More useful info and troubleshooting tips for the live broadcasts: