Hi Folks,

Ever wonder why I announced the Prophecy online class several weeks before the latest UN environmental report, the Ukraine crisis and the threats of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare came into play? Coincidence? I think not. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Happy New Year

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Productive New Year. I know that things right now look bleak at best and with nearly all of Grandfather’s Prophecies coming true day by day it’s hard to find happiness and peace. Remember, there is still Hope and Prayer. I know that looking at all the problems with the world and the Earth it is a bit hard to find hope but hope is a powerful tool especially when compounded by Prayer. Grandfather told me long ago that no matter how bad things get that I should never loose hope or faith that we can possibly turn things around both individually and globally. Hope is what I cling to and it is hope that keeps me going even in the toughest of times. If I could give you any gift or wisdom for this coming New Year I would give you Hope. For it is through Hope, Love and Prayer that we can all make a difference.

Love, Blessings and In Medicine to all of you, Tom


Hi Folks. As many of you may have heard a tornado hit Wells Mills Park and trashed it with hundreds of trees down and significant damage. During the time of the tornado both 4 EEE’s and COTEF were holding a family camp at the Tracker Primitive Camp just a short distance away from where the tornado touched down. We have been truly Blessed and Protected in so many ways. For all of you who prayed for us during the tornado I just want to thank you so very much. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

The Hidden Mind

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that today is the last day you can sign up for both the Hidden Mind and Ghost Talkers online classes. Kelly is going on vacation and we can’t process any late enrollment. For those of you taking the Hidden Mind class I think that you will be shocked at the scope and depth of the class. As I’ve said this is one of the teachings Grandfather held off until the last few years we were together. In saying that you can understand that the class will be very advanced, enlightening and awe inspiring. I hope that you can attend because I’m really excited about this class.

All Good Medicine, Tom

A Sincere Request

Hi Folks,

I want to reach out to all Tracker students who live in or around the areas of the country that have been hard hit by winter storms, power outages, water and food shortages. Please use your skills in survival to help people out. Make copies of sections of my City & Suburban Survival book and email or text them to the folks in need. I have no doubt at all for any of you hit hard by the storm that you will easily breeze through this but for those without training I know that it could be a nightmare. Just reach out and help even one person or family. Let them know that you care but teaching them what to do in a home bound survival situation.

Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

A BIG Thank You!

Hi Folks,

First of all I want to thank all of you who participated in the online Sign Tracking Class. I was truly amazed and thoroughly blown away at how well the class did. Tracking is difficult to teach in the online format no matter if it is following a trail or reading the overall landscape. Photography of any type and form does not lend itself easily to the finer details of tracks nor is it easy to photograph or video even the more well worn trails and runs. Yet you folks were able to take the class beyond my wildest expectations. You also showed me clearly what is possible to do with the online format and you will see it reflected in the soon to be announced Spring and Early summer online schedule.

I’m sorry that it’s been awhile since I’ve written any posts but the upcoming two online classes have really demanded so much of my time. This weekend begins two of the most intense. classes. This weekend will begin with Grandfather’s Philosophy on Medicine and Healing and even the most advanced student will be amazed at what I have planned. The second class which will run every evening next week beginning on Monday is probably the last in the online series that I simply call Pandemics V. With all that has taken place over the past 6 months this class will go well beyond just the Pandemic we are facing now and the new ones we will be facing in the near future. Of course I’ll have my brother Dr. Jim come on to discuss the various vaccines along with the pros and cons. Yet the class will be so much more because I want to thoroughly discuss and teach what Grandfather had said about all of the elements dealing with the ultimate collapse. Both of these classes are going to be very intense and equally enlightening.

Finally I want to say that Karen is holding a great upcoming class called Foraging through the Seasons. How she discussed the class with me it is without a doubt going to be both thrilling and intense as far as the information she plans on teaching. Also Frank is doing another Primitive Hunting Class and I’m excited to have him continue along that line of teaching. Hopefully I can come on for a short time with both classes to add my thoughts to what is being taught and discussed.

Again, thank you and thank you all for a great online Sign Tracking Class. It has really opened my eyes to what is possible.

Blessings and In Medicine,


A Quick Note

Hi Folks,

I hope that this post finds you all healthy and happy. I’m both thrilled and proud to announce that my son Tommy has just launched his own web site. Take a look. His photographs are stunning. You can visit his site at It’s been a long time coming but he has made me one proud dad. I remember when he was only 3 years old getting down on our bellies in a field and picking through the “vole city”, as we looked for miniature trails, runs and bedding areas. He was so proud when he found his first vole hair. From that point on anytime he got a chance he was in that field studying the miniature worlds of the vole and mice people. Now he has brought it into his photography.

On another note; For all of you who have signed up for this weeks class be prepared to have your sox blown off. This is going to be one of the most eye-opening classes I’ve ever run. For all of you Philosophy Students that have been following the Way of the Spirit for a long time this will tie it all together.

Blessings and In Medicine, Tom