Giving Back

Hi Folks, You’ve probably noticed on our Facebook page that we all got together, meaning the instructors, caretakers and the Elders and spread seed all around Grandfather’s Camp and the Sacred Circle. This has been an ongoing tradition in my life since 1957 and I’ve never failed to give back to the animals. It’s always been during the holiday season that I will lay out a huge feast but the Month of Starvation usually comes here around late January or early February. I pay close attention to the deer population as well as various indicator birds and the state of their health. If I find that starvation is beginning to cripple them I will always put out more corn and seed.

In the overall picture of things the little food that we put out doesn’t make much of a difference but it is that sense of Giving Back, Caretaking, and becoming Healers of the Earth that makes us feel that we are at least doing something, anything to save the life of one animal or bird. Years ago we introduced our children’s camps to the power of giving back and I know that to this day many of those kids have grown up with children of their own and carry on the Giving Back tradition not just in the United States but in far flung places all over the world. I receive pictures and email telling of people who are following the tradition of Giving Back and it is a Blessing to see and feel that concentric ring journey outward, far and wide.

To this day I always like to have a small bag of seeds or corn nearby so that when I travel the winter forests I can put out little piles of seed for animals to stumble upon and have a small feast. The nice thing is that the Giving Back can be done at anytime of the year but it is best during the leaner or starvation months. In the end you will find a remarkable change come over you, touching you deep inside. A connection created because of on simple act of kindness on our parts. This Giving Back is an excellent activity go get your kids out into the winder woods and they feed the animals and explore.

Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Happy New Year

Hi Folks, I wanted to take a moment after all of the Holiday hoopla was behind us to wish you all a very Happy, healthy and Blessed New Year to come. I know that things do not look good for the year to come and unfortunately they will get far worse than we’ve already seen. This coming year is going to be a pivotal year in so many ways and on so many fronts. Our Sacred Earth Mother is in very bad shape and growing worse day by day. The world, meaning the human world, is like a ticking bomb just waiting to explode. Right now it’s like sitting on a fuse leaving us to wonder when that final explosion or series of explosions are going to take place which will start a horrific chain reaction across the globe.

Yet even with all of the horrible things that have happened to the Earth, the world and the children of the Earth there is still hope. Hope is what I cling to every day, hope that like the turning of a huge flock of birds suddenly takes place and people wake up. We also have Prayer, the power of profound Silence and the ability to reach out and help in anyway we can. Every action no matter how small sends out a concentric ring through the Spirit that moves in and through all things. That concentric ring will generate others and reach deep into the hearts of all that can feel its power.

Faith, hope and prayer are our only resources. Reaching out and helping someone, healing the Earth in even a small way can and will begin to turn the flock. Stay close and in touch with each other because there are very few of us out there that follow that same Vision, Grandfather’s Vision and now our Vision. Together we can make a big difference.

May the Great Spirit Bless and guide all of your trails.

In Medicine, Tom