From the Coyote

Watch carefully the issue of food stamps and food in general, most of all the reactions to those issues.  Even though the problems with the food stamps have been taken care of there is still an unrest.  Like water, food will fast become an issue not only world wide but at home.  Shortages of food have in the past crumbled empires and defeated armies.  This is just a note of warning to pay attention and take precautions dealing with those issues of water and food.  Walk Strong, Tom

From Voice of the Coyote

Hi Folks,

Later this week I am going to send you out a newsletter dealing with water and not just the surface water but the deeper type, the type you should be paying attention to now.  Like Grandfather moving his people across the barren desert, he knew where the water sources were located, how deep they ran, and those that could so often be prone to mineralization.  He knew that without these potable water sources it would be come a certain death for him and his people.  

I need you to readjust your thinking NOW.  Now matter if you live in a water rich area or not.  Instead, pretend that you are living in severe desert like conditions and learn the deeper water sources in your area and beyond.  Yes pay attention to the larger aquifers but also the small seeps and springs and how they vary with season and conditions.  Link them together in lines radiating out from your home and heading towards those places of safety.  Begin this process of understanding now and i’ll have more to you by next week in newsletter form.  But start NOW.  In Medicine, Walk Strong, Tom

On line classes

Hi Folks,

And The Tracker School Handbook Class has now been born.  Finally a way for any of you who have not taken any Tracker Classes to fill the prerequisites needed for most on line classes.  Please see my newsletter or contact the Tracker Office.  In Medicine, Tom

The Tracker School Handbook

Hi Folks,

Well it’s around 3:30 am and I’m pouring over applications for not only the upcoming Medicinal Herbs and Emerging Pathogens class, The Healing, and The Power of Story Classes, but also all of the classes that will be running from October 1023 to March of 2014.  As I’ve so often said and written, these classes will probably be some of the most important classes I’ve ever run at the Tracker School both the physical class and live on line classes.  In the next 18 months we will be witnessing even more accelerated changes in the world and upon the Earth and people in general are getting very concerned.  Within the next two years that concern will begin to boarder on panic in many places and that panic can and will become lethal if one does not know what to prepare for and how to remain safe.  Needless to say that I am reviewing so many applications that I have to work well into the night just to get a grasp of the needs of the students taking these classes as I put the finishing touches on the design and teaching of these classes.  

The irony here and the reason for this quick news blast to you is simple, yet in a way very complex, in that so may people outside of the Tracker School Family want to take the live on line classes, not only the one coming up in a week but those up to April of 2014.  Yes, part of me needs to have the prerequisites in place but in a deeper more visceral level my Inner Vision is telling me something different.  The last thing I want to do is to turn away people who are basically Children of the Earth, and for whatever reason could not fill one of the prerequisites to take the class.  In their applications and letters I can feel and understand the desperation in their requests, the panic that they feel as the Dawn of the Red Sky looms on the horizon.  And I am at a point where I am tormented, no longer able to turn them away, but with no solution as to how they can fill the prerequisite requirements for the classes. 

Then, as if from nowhere in the silence of this night, a hushed vision, idea, dream, or way came to me.  Celeste asked; “What about creating an very specific live on line class for people who have never taken a Tracker Class called The Tracker School Handbook?”  Once they take the live on line Tracker Handbook Class they would have the requirements and prerequisites for most if not all Tracker live on line classes.  And now, of course, what follows is the design, teachings, write up, and scheduling of this very unique weekend class, designed to allow all of you who don’t have the requirements to finally attend the on line classes.  It is my hope at this point in the early morning that I have this done and out in newsletter form by Monday, October 7th so that I don’t have to turn so many of you away.  

In Medicine, Walk Strong and in Silence