From Voice of the Coyote

Hi Folks,

Later this week I am going to send you out a newsletter dealing with water and not just the surface water but the deeper type, the type you should be paying attention to now.  Like Grandfather moving his people across the barren desert, he knew where the water sources were located, how deep they ran, and those that could so often be prone to mineralization.  He knew that without these potable water sources it would be come a certain death for him and his people.  

I need you to readjust your thinking NOW.  Now matter if you live in a water rich area or not.  Instead, pretend that you are living in severe desert like conditions and learn the deeper water sources in your area and beyond.  Yes pay attention to the larger aquifers but also the small seeps and springs and how they vary with season and conditions.  Link them together in lines radiating out from your home and heading towards those places of safety.  Begin this process of understanding now and i’ll have more to you by next week in newsletter form.  But start NOW.  In Medicine, Walk Strong, Tom