How is….

Hi Folks,
As in “How is your family garden coming along?” I can’t stress the importance enough for creating a garden if you have not already begun one. In thirsty areas you can use gray water to water your gardens or in a city or tight suburban environment put your garden in pots and window planters. Given the conditions that we are facing it is not only good sense to have a garden but it brings you close to the life-giving forces of the Earth and keeps you connected.
Pray and stay very aware. Something is not right. There is an uneasy feeling that many of us are having about the very near future. Something is being kept very quiet, hushed, and secretive.
In Medicine, Tom

Connected & Informed

HI Folks,
Many of you, The Tracker Family & Friends, have been feeling a bit isolated and alone in you Vision and struggles with everyday life. I know too that it is so easy to get sidetracked, overwhelmed, and/or feel that we are not growing fast enough or at all for that matter. I know that I have been a bit backlogged myself especially where this blog is concerned. The struggles here seem endless and the process of moving the Tracker School, museum, studio, and home to the new location at times becomes overwhelming to a point where I sometimes want to give up or even question my Vision. It is during these troubled times that I will reach out to members of the Tracker Family for support and prayer. Celeste and I are so grateful to all of you out there that have given us support and prayer, for without all of you we would soon be overwhelmed and no doubt defeated.
The reason I’m writing this quick note is to let you know that there are several options out there that will help you greatly in your everyday life and the path to your Vision. A very close brother and long time friend, Phil, puts countless hours in reviewing scientific journals, scanning news articles, and researching deeply the constant decay and ultimate collapse of the world. I have come to rely on Phil and the newsletter he publishes called “The Belly of the Beast’, for nearly all of my updates and information. When I was researching the news alone it would take countless hours of work, checking, rechecking, researching and qualifying to even scrape the surface of what was happening both locally and globally. Now, Phil has removed that heavy burden of research from me and if you haven’t already I would suggest very strongly that you subscribe to “The Belly of the Beast” for it provides a wealth of cutting edge information so needed as we face the harsh and horrific days ahead.
Along those same lines of thought I also highly recommend the newsletter called “The Razors Edge” put out by Elizabeth who is one of our cherished elders. The Razors’ Edge is a collection of articles written by students that share their spiritual journeys and Visions, their struggles, failures, and triumphs that enable the rest of us to learn from their successes and their struggles. To me it is a valuable resource and a powerful way of staying connected to the Tracker Family. It also teaches us the value of struggle and ultimate triumph as we realize we are not struggling alone.
I hope that you all will seriously consider subscribing to these two amazing publications for they will inspire you and open your mind and heat. You can contact Phil for the “Belly of the Beast” at and you can contact Elizabeth at
You all are in my prayers and thoughts every day.
In Medicine,