We’re Back!!

Hi Folks,

This is just a quick note to tell you all that we are back from Arizona and the stunning land of Apache Springs Ranch.  What an adventure, a grand journey of inspiration, enlightenment, joy, and wonder.  Truly amazing.  There are not enough words to express what a blessing it was to be there, in the lands that Grandfather once walked and held so dear and cherished.  The two classes we held there were equally as amazing.  With the help of Jorge, Frank & Karen, and of course the boundless energy of Celeste, the classes were among the top classes I have ever had the blessing of being able to run.  Juan, my Apache brother, helped get us through some of the rough spots, and a special thanks to the Ranch Manager Jerry, who is one of the hardest working and dedicated people I’ve ever met.

And of course a special thanks to all of you who attended the classes there and made these past two weeks so special.  You are all the foundation of the Tracker School and Family and your enthusiasm and dedication makes even the darkest times vanish.  I can’t thank you all enough for such a great week.  Both Celeste and I along with all of the instructors will forever remember these special weeks we spent with all of you, bring to a close yet another chapter in Grandfathers’ Prophecy.

Please pray and pray hard my brothers and sisters, for in the joy of these precious past few weeks is a hidden darkness……

In Medicine,

Tom & Celeste


Hi Folks,
I just want to tell all of you who have prayed so hard and have never given up hope for all of these decades that the Medicine Waters and the Maze area have been purchased by the State of New Jersey. It will be turned into a preserved area and the vast damage that had been done will finally be repaired. We are now finally able to return to one of the best Tracking areas I’ve ever known and be able to swim in the most Sacred Waters of the Pine Barrens once again. Thank you, thank you all. In Medicine, Tom