Hi Folks,

Once again I very strongly suggest that you begin NOW to put up supplies and make preparations for the grand spike in the corona virus pandemic. Already two states are seeing a surge in the virus cases and are forced to roll back the opening of the businesses and other venues. The troubling thing is that this spike is happening now, a time when the normal flu season is at its lowest point. I can’t imagine what the spike is going to look like come the fall and winter months. NOW is the time to prepare for when the major spike occurs people are going to make a panic run on food stores and supply companies.

Please stay very aware and very safe. Take no chances. May the Great Spirit Bless and protect you in the weeks ahead. In Medicine, Tom

Just in AWE!!

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank last weeks online Philosophy I class and the Philosophy II online that ends today. You folks have amazed me! These two classes are by far the best I’ve ever had the blessing to teach. You folks have gone into areas that I would never have thought could be done but not only did you far exceed my wildest expectations but your average success rate of 98% and the vivid visions you have experienced are just jaw-dropping. Even the few Philosophy 9 graduates that attended the class are as stunned and impressed as I am. I also want to thank you for having the group and one on one chat rooms become a resounding success. Now I’m really looking forward to the Pandemics III class early next month. With all the new communication tools we’ve discovered that class will also go down in Tracker history. Again, a deep thanks and blessings to all of you.

In Medicine, Tom


Hi Folks,

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in the past few weeks but all of my time is consumed doing the online Philosophy I & II classes. As I said before, these classes are and have been the most intensive Philosophy classes I’ve ever taught. I’ve cramed so much information and skills into these classes that when I first gave the outline to Malcolm and the rest of the Elders they were shocked at the magnitude and volume of the information and teachings. I just finished the Philosophy I class and will be starting the Philosophy II class tonight. By far the Philosophy I class I just finished teaching yesterday went so much further than any Philosophy I class ever has. Given the new skills I taught not only were their results far better than any class but their stories of success were staggering. I’m still struck speechless with their results. Now with the Philosophy II coming up tonight I’m going to push the class even further. I’m so excited about what I’m going to teach that it nearly kept me awake all night thinking about it.

Just a few reminders. Hey kids remember that in less than a week I will be anouncing the winers of the adventure/learning writing contest. I’ll be anouncing all the winners live online. Just a reminder to all of you that the Surviving Pandemics Part III class will be held from July 10th through the 12th. Again the skills that will be focused upon along with the expansion of Grandfather’s Prophecies will be focused on the skills that he held back teaching until I was 17 years old. He did so because these skills and techniques are for the coming collapse of life as we know it to exist. This class is so unique and the skills so new that I’ve decided that you don’t need to have taken the first two classes to enroll. This Pandemics III class stands on its own and everyone will greatly benefit form what I plan to teach. Like the Philosophy I & II class I’ve poured myself into the teaching outline to a point where I will have to run overtime every sesson so plan accordingly. I’ve also chosen this time to hold the class because it is at the breaking point of the Pandemic and we will see a rapid increase in infections and deaths. I’m also thinking about holding a Pandemics IV class in late September.

I hope and pray that this post finds you all happy and healthy. Remember we’re the Tracker Family that Grandfather so often spoke about where we take care of each other. If you are in need or just down in general and cant find your way back out of the depression please contact us or one of the Elders and we will be ready to help.

Blessings and Prayers to all of you. In Medicine, Tom

Ps; I want to thank all of you who just completed the Philosophy I class. I’m still shocked by the magnitued of your results and successes. The face to face chat rooms really worked out well and with the resounding success of the class it has opened up a whole new way of teaching. Again and again, thank you and In Medicine, Tom


Hi Folks,

No I didn’t fall of the face of the Earth. I’ve had very little time to write my usual blog/post because of the upcoming online Philosophy I & II classes. I’m so determined to make these classes the most comprehensive and intense Philosophy classes that I’ve ever done that all of my time has been dedicated to writing and rewriting the outline for the classes. As I’ve said, this will not only cover the normal teachings of the Philosophy I & II classes but I’m going to add parts of the Temples of the Soul classes and also parts of Philosophy III. I’ve been so excited about the class that I’ve had little sleep and I know that all of the instructors and elders are feeling the same thing.

As I warned, we are watching Grandfather’s Prophecies unfold day by day the way he said things would happen. Now we are in the grips of civil unrest where the pent up anger over the “shelter in place” mandate and the senseless killings because of prejudice has become explosive. It’s so sad that a small minority of law enforcement officers spoil the reputation of the police in general. All of my life I’ve worked with the law enforcement commmunity and I’ve rarely come across an officer that is prejudice. On the contrary most of the officers I’ve worked with are dedicated to everyone’s protection. At this point I’m deeply concerned about the rioting and looting. I have to warn all of the Tracker Family to be very safe and extremely aware. Choose the places you go carefully to avoid being caught up in a riot or not so peaceful demonstration. Use your Inner Vision to guide your travels.

Blessings and In Medicine……. Tom