Hi Folks,

No I didn’t fall of the face of the Earth. I’ve had very little time to write my usual blog/post because of the upcoming online Philosophy I & II classes. I’m so determined to make these classes the most comprehensive and intense Philosophy classes that I’ve ever done that all of my time has been dedicated to writing and rewriting the outline for the classes. As I’ve said, this will not only cover the normal teachings of the Philosophy I & II classes but I’m going to add parts of the Temples of the Soul classes and also parts of Philosophy III. I’ve been so excited about the class that I’ve had little sleep and I know that all of the instructors and elders are feeling the same thing.

As I warned, we are watching Grandfather’s Prophecies unfold day by day the way he said things would happen. Now we are in the grips of civil unrest where the pent up anger over the “shelter in place” mandate and the senseless killings because of prejudice has become explosive. It’s so sad that a small minority of law enforcement officers spoil the reputation of the police in general. All of my life I’ve worked with the law enforcement commmunity and I’ve rarely come across an officer that is prejudice. On the contrary most of the officers I’ve worked with are dedicated to everyone’s protection. At this point I’m deeply concerned about the rioting and looting. I have to warn all of the Tracker Family to be very safe and extremely aware. Choose the places you go carefully to avoid being caught up in a riot or not so peaceful demonstration. Use your Inner Vision to guide your travels.

Blessings and In Medicine……. Tom