Another Quick Note

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that toward the end of June I will be doing Part III of the Pandemics online class. So many people have contacted me asking if I could do more in the way of teaching new techniques for staying safe along with the expansion of Grandfather’s Prophecies. It is because of this continuing positive feedback and the stunning results people have had with the Warning Prayer that I’ve decided that there has to be Part III. Not only that but both Jim and I are expecting a deadly spike in the infection rate and deaths caused by the corona pandemic. I’m going to have Jim (Dr. Brown) join me everyday for an hour. He has been researching the latest findings and some of the things he has discovered is both frightening and shocking.

I want to be able to take you well beyond the physical and spiritual skills you have learned and push harder and further, subsequently giving you many skills you can use not only for everyday life no matter deep in the bush or the jungles of society but will further insure your safety dealing with the onslaught yet to come. I must tell you flatly that there is going to be no repeat or review of any of the things that you’ve learned in Pandemics Parts I & II so I’ll leave it up to you do do a strong and through review of all that I have covered along witht he workshops. The teachings in this upcoming Pandemics Part III class I’ve never taught before yet I could easily take someone off the street and teach them these techniques and without any Philosophy background what so ever they would easily learn and embrace what I taught them.

Please stand by for the dates of Part III. My brother and I have an amazing lineup of teachings, information and research to present to you and you will be shocked to say the very least. Blessings, Prayers and In Medicine, Tom