“….do not confuse intense awareness with paranoia for paranoia is awareness in its most distorted form, a lie born of fear or panic, never to be trusted, for intense awareness is pure awareness free of emotional attachment or fear….”
Grandfather 1961

Please Understand

Hi Folks,
No doubt you have seen my recent letter about our upcoming classes in Apache Springs Arizona and I’m so sorry that I have to make the rule that no one can just drop by and visit us while we are there. We are limited to the number of students, instructors and volunteers and we must strictly abide by the agreement that we have made. I know that this has caused quite a stir in the Tracker Community and Family but I don’t have a choice in this matter. The only people who seem to fully understand are the people who have been with me the longest, like my Coyote Thunder Society. I don’t mean to hurt anyones feelings but at this point I can only have the bare staff and volunteers there. As I said in the letter, it is my hope to be able to use this land every year and possibly twice a year so I don’t want anything to keep that from happening. Please understand that I have no other choice than to request this and please, under no circumstance just drop by because it could jeopardize ever using this very special place again.
All Good Medicine,