Prayer Request

Hi Folks,

I know that many of you are aware that Jorge is on his way to Argentina to take care of the house that is Grandfather originally built.  I know that he is going through a lot of anguish and pain right now because he has not been back to Argentina since his mother passed away.  He was also going to get her personal things in order and recently found out that all of her valuables had been stollen.  That is so sick that someone could do such a thing right after she passed away a few years ago.  I know that it will bring back many memories for him, some good and some not so good, for remember he was a police officer during one of the most difficult times in Argentine history.

Please send a prayer for him, for he needs to know that The Tracker Family is there for him and all of us deeply concerned.  As always, I will be praying for you and your loved ones.

In Medicine and Thank You,


Upcoming Classes

Hi folks –

During the Feb. 21, 2016 Physical Spirit (session 7) online class, we recorded a short segment on upcoming classes, including:
Hidden Secrets of Radiance / Feb 22 – Feb 26, 2016
The Spheres of Empowered Radiance / Mar 14 – Mar 18, 2016
(no prerequisite for either)
Experimental Class / Mar 20 – Mar 26, 2016
(prerequisite: Standard class)
Hopefully this clears up some questions we’ve been getting on these classes.
Thanks, and we hope to see you soon 🙂