A note on training yourself.

Hi Folks,

For most of us reading this note Spring is fast upon us.  Of course during this time of the year many small plants are beginning to emerge, pushing their way through the soils, forest litter, and along roadsides and disturbed ground.  This time of year brings us a great opportunity to study our local wild edible and medicinal plants from the earliest part of their birth to fruition.  Often times, even the most experienced of herbalists have a difficult time identifying the first green sprouts and baby leaves of plants subsequently this time of year offers us a way to fully identify plants in all stages of their growth.  When you are out exploring and you come across a newly emerged plant that you can’t identify, mark it with a stick placed in the ground near it, or better yet a popsicle stick that you have written the date and identification number on.  Take a picture of this unknown sprout and then throughout the next several weeks go and visit that plant or plants and take note and pictures of its growth.  In a short time the plant will grow to a form that you will easily recognize and identify in the years to come.  The same technique can be used with tree bark identification.  Here you would select and mark an unknown tree and then when the leaves fully emerge you can identify the tree by its bark from then on.  Rick and I always made scrap books and plant presses to help us with identification but today the camera quickly replaces that form of collecting.  

On another note, all of you who have signed up for Spontaneous Teaching live on line class in June, please start formulating and writing up your questions so that you have them when the class begins.  I may begin to collect these questions from you a few weeks before the class begins so that it gives me an idea of what you are asking and directions the class may take.  By getting your questions early I may also be able to record some “in field” video to use to illustrate an answer to your question.  I am so looking forward to that class because it is my favorite way of teaching.  

Walk Strong my Brothers and Sisters,

Stay very aware,


A Quick Note

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to use the format of my blog to get a few thing out to you that are important.  First, and the most critical, is the frequency and intensity of earthquakes.  Many of you knew very well what I had been talking about in my last two blogs, especially when I wrote that the feeling was deep and visceral.  I am deeply concerned about the way and the cycles that the earthquakes have been taking and though most of them have been to the south and west of the United States it is only a matter of time until we see larger earthquakes especially along the west coast.  We have been warned with a few small quakes that have occurred after a long period of dormancy and this is frightening to say the least.  As I’ve said in previous notes, please become very aware and sensitive to the voices of the Earth. 

On another important note, I had hoped to get a video out to many of you this past week to help further your education in various classes but after recording for nearly 3 hours for some reason the camera didn’t record.  Needless to say that this pissed me off to no end because I really poured a lot of time and effort into that video.  However, Dave is back this week to help me with the “Hidden Secrets of Healing” on line class and hopefully we can either salvage the video that crashed or get a new one out.  

Speaking of the Hidden Secrets of Healing on line class.  All of you who are registered and all of you who intend to register I need you to put together something for the class.  I need you to make a detailed list of all of those in you life, either friends or family, that have chronic illnesses or afflictions, especially those that doctors and medicine have given up on or have had little relief from modern medications.  It is my intention during the class to address this and actually enter the world of wild medicinal plants, oils, soils, clays, etc. and integrate those into the very fabric and teachings of the class.  No doubt that this will be a tremendous enlightenment for all of you because it reveals some of the most powerful and hidden secrets and mysteries of Grandfathers healing philosophy and techniques.  Please do not forget to make up that list of family, friends, and loved ones as this is going to be one of the most important and inspirational parts of the class.

In Medicine, 


Hi Folks,

I wish that I could shake this feeling that something sinister is about to happen, something horrific and possibly deadly, both locally and globally in consequence and reach.  The feeling is like a slow incoming tide, strong, persistent, and deep with no ebbing in sight.  This feeling has haunted me for weeks now and with each day it grows stronger and more tangible but still without reason or explanation.  I know that many of you are having the same feelings and like me, you still can’t quite make out what its all about or where it is coming from.  It seems to lurk someplace between instinct and spiritual reality yet its consequences are physical and heavily centered in the Spirit-that-moves-in-and-through-all-things.  Again, be aware and cautious.  I will post anything that comes to me that might further define this ominous and horrific feeling of disaster and suffering.

In Medicine, Tom