Hi Folks,

I wish that I could shake this feeling that something sinister is about to happen, something horrific and possibly deadly, both locally and globally in consequence and reach.  The feeling is like a slow incoming tide, strong, persistent, and deep with no ebbing in sight.  This feeling has haunted me for weeks now and with each day it grows stronger and more tangible but still without reason or explanation.  I know that many of you are having the same feelings and like me, you still can’t quite make out what its all about or where it is coming from.  It seems to lurk someplace between instinct and spiritual reality yet its consequences are physical and heavily centered in the Spirit-that-moves-in-and-through-all-things.  Again, be aware and cautious.  I will post anything that comes to me that might further define this ominous and horrific feeling of disaster and suffering.

In Medicine, Tom