Dream On!

Hi Folks,

I read an article yesterday from the BBC written by Nick Bryant, recounting the events 50 years ago at the Lincoln Memorial and an element of that story struck me nearly to tears.  As the Reverend King spoke to an unsettled crowd, Mahalia Jackson who had preformed at the ceremony cried up to Martin, “Tell them your dream Martin, tell them your dream.”  The Reverend originally didn’t want to use his dream speech because he thought it had been done enough, but as soon as he herd the request he launched into the Dream Speech and the crowds came together uplifting Reverend King to the highest paramount of passion through their energy, as they collectively chanted Dream On, Dream On!  

At that very time a portable TV set had been wheeled into the Oval Office where President Kennedy and his aids watched the Reverends’ Dream Speech in its entirety for the first time.  President Kennedy said, “He’s good-he’s damn good.”  Of course he was referring to the orator and not to what was being said at the time, but soon what was being said, the message and the meaning, would get through to the White House.  The story nearly brought me to tears, for here in the midst of racial strife, potential riots, (of which the article was basically about), was the workings of “The-Spirit-that-moves-in-and-through-all-things.”

What if Mahalia Jackson never called up to the Reverend King to tell his dream.  Oh I’m sure much would still have happened over the years given the power of the Reverends’ message but that request brought the Dream Speech into our collective history and consciousness.  Dream On.  The power of one simple word, one simple sentence, how far can it reach, how long can it go, what good could it do?  The possibilities are limitless and we are only limited by the limits we put upon ourselves.  

Today, as we approach a holiday weekend, reach out to someone.  A forgotten friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time, or a family member, or someone lost, alone, sick, and searching.  Call them, write them, email them or text them, and let them know that you are sincerely thinking of them.  Let’s throw out one huge concentric ring to race across the globe that touches everyone.  One small word, who knows how far the Spirit will carry it.  

In Medicine, In Silence,



A Tracker

Hi Folks,

A tracker.  It is not just one who follows trails nor it is the act of following lifeless depressions across the ground trying to make sense of scant physical evidence to be turned into a larger picture.  Instead, each track contains a miniature landscape of tiny geological features collectively called “pressure releases”.  Each feature depicts a function, a movement within the body of the human or animal, where every action and reaction, checks and balances, down to the smallest of movements are recorded and easily read.  Tracks then become more that a line of lifeless depressions, more than just a window to the past for it is through the pressure releases that they become a window to the soul.  

Yet a Tracker and Tracking does not begin and end with the marks in the ground.  Instead, the consciousness of what it takes to become a Tracker permeates every fiber of ones existence so that there is never a time where a tracker is not tracking.  Like Grandfather would so often say, “There is no difference between tracking and awareness for they are the same thing.  One can not exist without the other.”  Grandfather stressed the importance of tracking in all that we do, every moment of every day, seeing life and its workings through the eye of a tracker.  

In all things, a tracker tends to dig deeper, look farther and closer higher and deeper, never satisfied following the lifeless depressions in the ground but to seek out the soul of what is being observed.  Grandfather said to put the Quest in the question and the Search in the research, never being satisfied with the same superficial answers, definitions, or observations that others satisfy themselves with.  It is now as the clock begins ticking faster and faster that we all must embrace the consciousness of a Tracker and look beyond the superficial and into the Soul of the event or situation for to fail to do so could mean much pain and suffering, even death.  

The Ancient Scouts would never have been content following just lifeless depressions in the ground for they need to know more, subsequently they began, through keen observation, isolating, identifying, and mastering the pressure release systems so that they could “know thine enemy” and keep the people safe.  Stepping back and taking a broader view of life and living we realize that what Grandfather was telling us is that all things, all situations, all occurrences, have pressure releases and through those pressure releases the soul of the situation is revealed and ultimately fully understood.  Embrace then the mind and the world of a tracker.  

In Medicine, Tom

Grandfathers’ Strong Warning

Hi Folks,

I found myself falling into the very trap that I warned you about and Grandfather warned me about so many decades ago.  When the news of yet another possible school shooting blasted over the news outlets I found myself saying, “well it isn’t too bad, no child had to die”, after all I thought its’ not another Sandy Hook shooting where so many children died.”  And then I caught myself and thought, “what a fool I’ve been to think that!”  I had fallen into the trap of complacency, callousness, and apathy, just as Grandfather had warned would happen.  

We develop within us some schedule of events that will take us to the ultimate collapse that Grandfather warned of, and if that schedule is not met then we fall pray to the apathy and callousness.  When Grandfather warned of the rapid acceleration of collapse as we are living in now you must remember that his perception of time was far different that our own.  He knew that I would think that we are now in a head long out of control rush to slam right into the dawn of the “Red Skys” and thats’ when he warned of the complacency derived from our expected schedule.

We are in troubled times, very troubled and frightening times.  Things today are not as they were even two years ago or a decade ago.  Because of the way horrific events come about we begin to overlook the severity of each event, lost in power as time passes by.  We begin to grown complacent, calloused, apathetic, and fail to see the bigger and more frightening picture unfolding around us every day.  It is this one area of callousness and complacency that will become our downfall and lead us to a slow and lingering death along with many of our family members and loved ones.  

To get out of this mind set you must do what I ask my students to do when they come back for volunteer work.  Many of them lament that they have had little time to practice and become worried about their skill level.  On the tracking line as they stand 5 feet behind me I point at a fox track in the debris and ask, “can you see the track?”  The answer is always a confident yes.  Then I ask them to remember back to the first time they were on a tracking line and I asked them if they saw a track.  They will remember for they were laying on their belly next to me straining to see the track that I was pointing out.  Now with only a little experience and checking perspective of where they now stand seeing the track the realize how far they have come.

You must learn to do the same with both world and local events and how the ultimate journey to the “Red Skys” will effect all of us.  Ask yourself if the events of the past few weeks are even remotely similar to what it was two years ago, a decade ago, or several decades ago.  This will give you a shockingly severe wake up call and you will never fall into that consciousness of apathy and complacency.  We can not let ourselves fall into a mindless approach to the future or have the luxury of backing off on our intense awareness and observation skills for to do so would invite disaster into our lives and we will be ultimately caught off guard.  Please, I beg you all, stay awake, stay aware, observe, and check your perspective of time and events frequently.

In Medicine,


Coyote Language

Hi Folks,

Most of you reading this will know what I mean when I say Coyote Language or Voice of the Coyote but I can’t explain it here for those of you who don’t know.  This is going to be a short note because I’ve just finished up nearly three weeks of classes and I have much to do to catch up on life in general.  I just want to make you aware of some things that are deeply troubling me and feel that you should do a little more research into these areas.  I hope that this note finds you all healthy, happy, and safe but as we approach the remains of the summer and into early fall I know that things are going to go from bad to worse.  Research the news.  Remember it is nothing more than another form of entertainment and much is edited out.  The following are some concerns I have and things I’m researching.  Let me know what you find.  


Yes, ticks again.  They are now doing research into a laundry list of new diseases that could be carried by the tick.  One of them on that list is the crimean-congo hemorragic fever.  That is very troubling if they find that this is a possibility.  In fact the list of virus that they want to research is quite long and frightening.  Ticks can remain dormant for years and live in that dormancy under harsh to severe conditions.  Ticks can easily travel world wide and spread a considerable litany of diseases and afflictions.


228 dolphin have now washed up on the coast from Mass to New Jersey.  Considering that 111 had washed up dead along the same coast last year, this is very disturbing.  They are also finding in the dolphin lung lesions and other afflictions similar to the kind found in the great dolphin die off that happened several years back.  Watch this one close.  This is a sure indicator of the health of our oceans.  

Other Notes for Research


Bear attacks

Bird flu

Atlanta school shooting

And….the Chemical Cesspool

In Medicine,


I’m so sorry

Hi Folks,

I first want to apologize for telling you last post that I would be appearing on the Fox News Network last Saturday night.  I never realized when I agreed to do the program that it was not the news but a news magazine that I was to appear on.  If I had known that I would have never wasted your time with that post.  In the end, the abductor had been killed and the young hostage rescued subsequently cutting my scheduled appearance from half an hour to less than five minutes.  Again, my sincere apology to all of you for wasting your time.  

Yet I do these types of news programs because often the authorities in charge of the search will listen in for updates on their case as to what the media is saying about them.  So often in the past I’ve used that format to get information across to the search teams and hopefully they will take my advise and change their approach, which I might add, often happens.  After hundreds of tracking cases spanning several decades I get a sense of where someone is likely to be found, or likely to be hiding, once given all of the variables, topography, and circumstances surrounding the case.  

This case in particular had many elements that helped bring it to a close quickly.  As soon as the vehicle the abductor was driving was found it narrowed the search area from the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico down to the beautiful back country of Idaho.  Once the kidnapper and the young girl were spotted on the trail that narrowed the search down further.  At that point the search area went from hundreds of square miles to just a handful of square miles.  You see that finding the vehicle would only give a larger area that would take days if not weeks to search.  After all Eric Rudolphs’ truck was found right away but it took years to finally find him feeding out of a dumpster.

That is why I stress to all of my Forensic Investigating and Tracking Classes as well as my law enforcement, search & rescue, FBI, and military units that they practice what is called “Cross Tracking” the most.  Cross tracking is the art and science of finding an unknown trail by circling in toward it at a perpendicular angle.  If that is all a tracker can do for the authorities that is of major consequence for he narrows the search field and defines a line of travel.  (I will be releasing a video post very shortly dealing with the technique of Cross Tracking.)

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those in this abduction case that suffered such severe losses and especially to the young lady that survived the ordeal.  The frequency of horrendous acts such as these are ever increasing and on our part our level of awareness and observation must also rise to the occasion and increase in intensity.  

In Medicine,


Fox News Channel

 Hi Folks,

Thought I’d give you a quick update.  I’ll be on Fox News Network Channel tonight at 9:00 pm.  I have no idea what the program is fully about but I know that they want to discuss the kidnapping that took place in California and has moved into the Idaho wilderness.  Thanks, Tom

As I Warned

Hi Folks,

This is just a short but important note.  I’m in the middle of a series of classes right now and have little time for my blog but I thought it important that I get this out to you right away.  As I warned during my on line program last year and several times over the past few months, the H7N9 Bird Flu has now officially gone human to human.  The report just came out in the British Journal of Medicine and it now has the potential to become a pandemic.  Please do further research and stay aware.  

In Medicine, Tom

From the place of the Coyote.