A Tracker

Hi Folks,

A tracker.  It is not just one who follows trails nor it is the act of following lifeless depressions across the ground trying to make sense of scant physical evidence to be turned into a larger picture.  Instead, each track contains a miniature landscape of tiny geological features collectively called “pressure releases”.  Each feature depicts a function, a movement within the body of the human or animal, where every action and reaction, checks and balances, down to the smallest of movements are recorded and easily read.  Tracks then become more that a line of lifeless depressions, more than just a window to the past for it is through the pressure releases that they become a window to the soul.  

Yet a Tracker and Tracking does not begin and end with the marks in the ground.  Instead, the consciousness of what it takes to become a Tracker permeates every fiber of ones existence so that there is never a time where a tracker is not tracking.  Like Grandfather would so often say, “There is no difference between tracking and awareness for they are the same thing.  One can not exist without the other.”  Grandfather stressed the importance of tracking in all that we do, every moment of every day, seeing life and its workings through the eye of a tracker.  

In all things, a tracker tends to dig deeper, look farther and closer higher and deeper, never satisfied following the lifeless depressions in the ground but to seek out the soul of what is being observed.  Grandfather said to put the Quest in the question and the Search in the research, never being satisfied with the same superficial answers, definitions, or observations that others satisfy themselves with.  It is now as the clock begins ticking faster and faster that we all must embrace the consciousness of a Tracker and look beyond the superficial and into the Soul of the event or situation for to fail to do so could mean much pain and suffering, even death.  

The Ancient Scouts would never have been content following just lifeless depressions in the ground for they need to know more, subsequently they began, through keen observation, isolating, identifying, and mastering the pressure release systems so that they could “know thine enemy” and keep the people safe.  Stepping back and taking a broader view of life and living we realize that what Grandfather was telling us is that all things, all situations, all occurrences, have pressure releases and through those pressure releases the soul of the situation is revealed and ultimately fully understood.  Embrace then the mind and the world of a tracker.  

In Medicine, Tom