Dream On!

Hi Folks,

I read an article yesterday from the BBC written by Nick Bryant, recounting the events 50 years ago at the Lincoln Memorial and an element of that story struck me nearly to tears.  As the Reverend King spoke to an unsettled crowd, Mahalia Jackson who had preformed at the ceremony cried up to Martin, “Tell them your dream Martin, tell them your dream.”  The Reverend originally didn’t want to use his dream speech because he thought it had been done enough, but as soon as he herd the request he launched into the Dream Speech and the crowds came together uplifting Reverend King to the highest paramount of passion through their energy, as they collectively chanted Dream On, Dream On!  

At that very time a portable TV set had been wheeled into the Oval Office where President Kennedy and his aids watched the Reverends’ Dream Speech in its entirety for the first time.  President Kennedy said, “He’s good-he’s damn good.”  Of course he was referring to the orator and not to what was being said at the time, but soon what was being said, the message and the meaning, would get through to the White House.  The story nearly brought me to tears, for here in the midst of racial strife, potential riots, (of which the article was basically about), was the workings of “The-Spirit-that-moves-in-and-through-all-things.”

What if Mahalia Jackson never called up to the Reverend King to tell his dream.  Oh I’m sure much would still have happened over the years given the power of the Reverends’ message but that request brought the Dream Speech into our collective history and consciousness.  Dream On.  The power of one simple word, one simple sentence, how far can it reach, how long can it go, what good could it do?  The possibilities are limitless and we are only limited by the limits we put upon ourselves.  

Today, as we approach a holiday weekend, reach out to someone.  A forgotten friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time, or a family member, or someone lost, alone, sick, and searching.  Call them, write them, email them or text them, and let them know that you are sincerely thinking of them.  Let’s throw out one huge concentric ring to race across the globe that touches everyone.  One small word, who knows how far the Spirit will carry it.  

In Medicine, In Silence,