A Distinction

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to update you because I put this out there to my live on line classes yesterday and thought it would be good to make this announcement here also.  This way as we make the transition into fall and times get even tougher you will clearly understand the meaning of what I am posting to you.  Given the scope, theme, and intensity of the upcoming classes for the fall and winter schedule you know deep inside that something is coming, something sinister and horrific is waiting, and I want to simply prepare you for a series of quick emergency announcements with a minimum of words needed in that preparation.  

Basically the distinction is simple.  When I say, and when Grandfather said, “world events”, in the context or “world” he meant the world of mankind and all that mankind created and embraced.  In other words, when I use the term “state of the world” it is humankind, housing, electronics, populations, vehicles and transportation, diseases as applied to mankind and his livestock and crops, roadways, buildings, and the litany of other things man has devised.  When I say “state of the Earth” I am talking about Earth Mother and the natural world; the rhythm, tides, animals, plants, geology and geography, waterways and oceans, natural weather cycles, and of course our place in the world of nature, the Earth and the Children of the Earth.  

It is important that I make this destination now because as I said things are going to heat up fast.  Though the state of the World and the state of the Earth are closely associated with each other there are still areas of vast differences.  And it is in those differences that I must address each differently.  Time is another factor, for instance if a man made or man influenced event occurs in the world it make take some time to reach even the outer cortex of our Earth Mother or that synapse of cause and effect could happen very quickly.  Of course one will always influence the other but each situation, each influence, will be treated and addressed individually and connections made then at the announcement or warning phase.  

That said, the stage is now set and the language now in place to differentiate between “global or world events”, that pertaining to mankind and the workings of mankind, and the Earth events, that pertaining to nature and humankinds’ place within its embrace.  Sorry for the quick post but I though that this would be the best time to convey that distinction to you since the live on line classes are already using that language in and outside of the on line forum.  

In Medicine, In Silence,

Walk Strong, Tom