A Great New Teaching Option

Hi Folks,

I’ve just discovered a great new way to reach you with more expansion and updates to classes that I never thought of before.  Just a few weeks ago I ran both a physical class and a live on-line class called “The Way of the Scout, The Way of the Spirit, Now till the End of Days”.  The balance of the two classes went far better than I expected but what was more fascinating was the way to bring these two classes together a month later using the live on-line format.  I finally met with both classes on line a few days ago and now after weeks of practice and dirt time I could take both classes much further along in their education than I dreamed possible.  I was amazed and the results were solid.

The success of finally bringing these two classes together gave me an idea that has far reaching impact to many of my classes, especially the higher level classes.  I thought that it would be a great teaching aid to use the live on-line format and bring an advanced class together live on-line several weeks after the class ended.  By doing so not only will the students have the much needed dirt time but will have a solid foundation and understanding of the skills and philosophy being taught.  I’m very seriously thinking about using this approach for the upcoming Scout Class and also the Forensic Tracking Class.  I think that by doing so I could bring the student to a higher level of education and understanding never seen before.  This new approach with the on-line would be of no added cost to the student and the download would be available to them for 30 days after the program runs.  This way if the program is missed because of conflicting schedules it can easily be made up for at ones’ off time.  Let me know your thoughts and thanks.  In Medicine, Tom


Emerging pathogens

Hi Folks,

As I said in my last emergency net-cast and also for quite some time now, Grandfather warned of emerging pathogens making a stronger rise than ever before.  There is a SARS-like virus that has killed 27 people and also a new strain of bird flu that both the CDC and WHO are very worried about.  Apparently these two pathogens do not lend themselves well to treatment nor is vaccination anywhere near being discovered.

Remember that the rapid decline and decay of life as we know it will come from all areas that Grandfather spoke of.  Storms, diseases, wars and warlords all are on the rise as with many others but my biggest concern right now is afflictions directly related to the chemical cesspool that we live within every day.

These chemical agents are very difficult to detect as we move through our daily lives.  My best advise is to pay close attention to your Inner Vision and if you suddenly become uneasy or something doesn’t feel right these are an early warning of the new enemy as Grandfather defined it to be.  Research any and all uneasy feelings thoroughly and carefully for your survival could be at stake.

In Medicine and Silence, Tom

Thank you


Hi Folks,

I want to thank all of you for logging on to the Emergency Broadcast last night.  It does my heart good to know that so many of you had taken their time away from family and friends on a holiday weekend to check in with the Tracker Family.  I wish that I had gone longer last night but I was extremely burned out from the past few weeks of teaching and was riding the edge of exhaustion.  Please remain extremely aware for anything less is no longer an option.  Again, thank you all.

In Medicine, Tom

Your Prayers

Hi Folks,

I know that I don’t have to ask this but please pray for all of those in Oklahoma battered by these unimaginably powerful storms.  Prayer is not powerless for you all have seen and felt the power of prayer in you own lives many times over.

As a warning from Grandfather long ago, these storms will not only continue but intensify as we enter the time of the Great War.  Tornado, drought, and hurricanes will intensify and reach into areas that they aren’t common.  Please, if you are in a tornado prone area take the appropriate precautions, build underground shelters, and make sure your family has a solid disaster plan.  If camping in a tornado area build a scout pit or find a cave or rock outcropping as part of your camp set up.  Needless to say I am extremely worried about the coming storms and all people in their wake.

My Prayers and thoughts are with you.

In Medicine, Tom

Always ready

Hi Folks,

I’d like to begin this day with a quote form Grandfather.  “….a Scout lives life always aware and always prepared for oncoming storms….”  1960

In the Way of the Coyote you must understand what Grandfather defined as Storms.  Storms are all storms in all forms.  Given the circumstances of the past several days it becomes a necessity to follow his advice.

In Medicine, Tom

More to come shortly.  Just got done with the Advanced Standard class and now starting the Advanced Tracking and Awareness.  Time right now is limited but I will try to add more to this in the next day or so.  Walk in Silence.

Because so many have asked

Hi Folks,
I had mentioned a book that I just finished reading and if you know me, I read very little. Yet this book struck me not only because it is a great insight into the mind of a doctor who went through a near death experience but because of his research into that experience. The book is called Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. It would be a great read for anyone in your family that does not fully believe spiritual things but even more it shows the reader how very difficult it is to put Spiritual experience into language; something we all have struggled with. I hope you enjoy the book. Sad thing is that in the chapter called ETERNEA he struggles to discover a way back. For all of you who have graduated the Philosophy I class you already know the way back and to worlds beyond. In Medicine, Tom

Hope you enjoy the book and you can rest assured that I will not be reading another book anytime soon.  Just too much that has to be done out there to take time to read, but I’ve always been that way.  I’d rather be doing than reading about doing.


Hi Folks and just a quick thought,

Grandfather so often spoke of the Demon of Distraction, calling it sinister, secretive, destroying, and most of all killing.  When we think of the Demon of Distraction we often think of how it relates to our Vision and/or spiritual missions in life but we should learn to look deeper and wider for it influences all parts of our lives.  Especially today, that Demon has become more powerful and pervasive.  People frequently loose themselves in cyberspace for longer and longer periods of time or become distracted by the rush and din, the confusion and noise of society that removes them from the most important and profound elements of their lives.

Now that we face the great war and are watching the slow but sure collapse and decay of life on Earth as we once knew it, it now becomes more important than ever to beat back that Demon of Distraction whenever it rears its ugly head.  Basically we no longer have the luxury of being distracted from anything that is important to us.  This is especially true of our awareness and observation for it is through our intense awareness that we remain safe and to compromise that intense awareness with any distraction is death.  

In Medicine, Tom

Announcement just released

Hi Folks,

I just sent the news blast for the upcoming Temples I live online class to the office for processing.  Dates of the class are June 29th and 30th, July 27th and 28th, and August 31st and September 1st.  Just thought I’d let you be the first to know.  Enrollment will be limited.

“….and before the holes appear in the sky, live your life as if you are being watched, but after the holes appear live your life as if you are being hunted….”  Grandfather 1963

On that thought, a Scout always expects the worst, trains for the worst, and prepares for the worst, living life always on the edge, always aware and intensely observant.  It is through Awareness that we will find safety.

Sorry for the delay

Hi again,

I thought I was going to be able to get the newsletter out by this time but I am waiting on the confirmation of a single date to make sure the weekend is clear.  I’m also trying to juggle the summer schedule to fit in the filming of the documentary TV series and that is posing a problem in scheduling.  By late Saturday I should know and will be sending it out first thing on monday.  There has been a huge number of folks asking about these dates but I can’t preregister until the announcement is officially up and running.  Thanks for understanding.

In Medicine, Tom

I never realized that there was close to 50 million people living in the United States that go to bed hungry every night and wonder where their next meal is coming from.  Researchers say that this will get far worse as the effects of global warming kick in and food becomes more expensive.  Just a thought…..