Emerging pathogens

Hi Folks,

As I said in my last emergency net-cast and also for quite some time now, Grandfather warned of emerging pathogens making a stronger rise than ever before.  There is a SARS-like virus that has killed 27 people and also a new strain of bird flu that both the CDC and WHO are very worried about.  Apparently these two pathogens do not lend themselves well to treatment nor is vaccination anywhere near being discovered.

Remember that the rapid decline and decay of life as we know it will come from all areas that Grandfather spoke of.  Storms, diseases, wars and warlords all are on the rise as with many others but my biggest concern right now is afflictions directly related to the chemical cesspool that we live within every day.

These chemical agents are very difficult to detect as we move through our daily lives.  My best advise is to pay close attention to your Inner Vision and if you suddenly become uneasy or something doesn’t feel right these are an early warning of the new enemy as Grandfather defined it to be.  Research any and all uneasy feelings thoroughly and carefully for your survival could be at stake.

In Medicine and Silence, Tom