A Great New Teaching Option

Hi Folks,

I’ve just discovered a great new way to reach you with more expansion and updates to classes that I never thought of before.  Just a few weeks ago I ran both a physical class and a live on-line class called “The Way of the Scout, The Way of the Spirit, Now till the End of Days”.  The balance of the two classes went far better than I expected but what was more fascinating was the way to bring these two classes together a month later using the live on-line format.  I finally met with both classes on line a few days ago and now after weeks of practice and dirt time I could take both classes much further along in their education than I dreamed possible.  I was amazed and the results were solid.

The success of finally bringing these two classes together gave me an idea that has far reaching impact to many of my classes, especially the higher level classes.  I thought that it would be a great teaching aid to use the live on-line format and bring an advanced class together live on-line several weeks after the class ended.  By doing so not only will the students have the much needed dirt time but will have a solid foundation and understanding of the skills and philosophy being taught.  I’m very seriously thinking about using this approach for the upcoming Scout Class and also the Forensic Tracking Class.  I think that by doing so I could bring the student to a higher level of education and understanding never seen before.  This new approach with the on-line would be of no added cost to the student and the download would be available to them for 30 days after the program runs.  This way if the program is missed because of conflicting schedules it can easily be made up for at ones’ off time.  Let me know your thoughts and thanks.  In Medicine, Tom