Because so many have asked

Hi Folks,
I had mentioned a book that I just finished reading and if you know me, I read very little. Yet this book struck me not only because it is a great insight into the mind of a doctor who went through a near death experience but because of his research into that experience. The book is called Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. It would be a great read for anyone in your family that does not fully believe spiritual things but even more it shows the reader how very difficult it is to put Spiritual experience into language; something we all have struggled with. I hope you enjoy the book. Sad thing is that in the chapter called ETERNEA he struggles to discover a way back. For all of you who have graduated the Philosophy I class you already know the way back and to worlds beyond. In Medicine, Tom

Hope you enjoy the book and you can rest assured that I will not be reading another book anytime soon.  Just too much that has to be done out there to take time to read, but I’ve always been that way.  I’d rather be doing than reading about doing.