Hi Folks and just a quick thought,

Grandfather so often spoke of the Demon of Distraction, calling it sinister, secretive, destroying, and most of all killing.  When we think of the Demon of Distraction we often think of how it relates to our Vision and/or spiritual missions in life but we should learn to look deeper and wider for it influences all parts of our lives.  Especially today, that Demon has become more powerful and pervasive.  People frequently loose themselves in cyberspace for longer and longer periods of time or become distracted by the rush and din, the confusion and noise of society that removes them from the most important and profound elements of their lives.

Now that we face the great war and are watching the slow but sure collapse and decay of life on Earth as we once knew it, it now becomes more important than ever to beat back that Demon of Distraction whenever it rears its ugly head.  Basically we no longer have the luxury of being distracted from anything that is important to us.  This is especially true of our awareness and observation for it is through our intense awareness that we remain safe and to compromise that intense awareness with any distraction is death.  

In Medicine, Tom