Butterfly Wings

“….and it is in the workings of an ant, the tracks of the mice, and in the flap of a butterfly wing that all truth will be known, all warnings will be given….”  Those words, part of a longer quote spoken by Grandfather back in 1962 on top of Prophecy Hill, was the focus of last nights program.  What Grandfather was telling us was to not pay so much attention to the events that are happening on the grand vistas, the larger and more expansive planes, but embrace again the world of the Tracker, paying attention to the little things, the subtile nuances and changes that add up to make a clearer and more intense communication. I’m not saying to turn away from the grand events found both locally and globally but to refocus and pay attention on a smaller level, gathering all parts of the vision, leaving nothing out, small or large.  It is through these little things that we will know all things, “for it is through the workings of an ant that we will find our preparation, our escape, our safe journey, and ultimately our salvation in the form of a safe place to finally call our home”.

So too, the Prayer, the Prayer of “You know my Heart”.  That prayer, though mostly or wholly unspoken, reflects our deepest yearnings and desires, our passion and our visions, to help those who need help, to heal, to guide, and to lead as visionaries into a horrific and unsettled future and futures.  It is through that prayer and our dedication to its power that we find direction and meaning, most of all an early warning system that will help keep all those around us safe.  That prayer must become your focus now.  Nurture it, empower it, and embrace it, for it will lead you into the future with confidence and peace, knowing that it is directly connected to the flap of a butterfly wing, and to the Great Mystery.

Walk Strong Now.  In Medicine, Tom