Emergency Live On Line Reminder

Hi Folks, just a quick reminder that I am putting out an Emergency Live On Line Program tonight beginning at 8:00 pm and continuing until I get all the information to you.  The program will consist of three parts; the Update, the Education, and the Emergency.  Each will define a certain area of my concern and further define Grandfathers’ Vision and Prophecy as it applies today and in the very near future.  I suggest very strongly that you have on hand a note book even though this program will be available to you as a download for 30 days its still good to take notes when the information is fresh.  If you could also try and attend the broadcast live with us and use the “Chat Room” we can get feedback from you about events happening in and around your area.  Remember that you are all highly trained and very aware individuals that look at the World and the Earth in a different way than everyone else, and it is through this higher level of training that we can better and more adequately assess the threats that we all face every day.  

Hope you can join us tonight.

Now more than ever, Walk Strong, Walk in Silence, Walk Medicine, Tom