Emergency Live On Line

Hi Folks,

Dave came in a few days ago and has finished setting up the Tracker Studio for the Emergency Program.  It is so urgent that it should be running today or tomorrow but I want to hold off a few more days to allow things to settle.  I also want to teach you several small but essential skills and awareness practices that will help you through the next few months cope with the things we will be facing both individually and as a society.  As I’ve said in earlier programs, I want to go beyond the warnings and the current events and add viable skills to your life with these communications and on line emergency and/or update programs.  

On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 FROM 8:00 PM TILL IT ENDS WILL BE THE TRACKER ON LINE EMERGENCY BROADCAST.  Of course all of you are invited along with your closest friends and family.  I would also like you to take advantage of our live chat rooms going on at the same time and contribute to them so I can get questions out to you and answers about conditions in your local areas.  Until then, Walk Strong, carefully observe, be deeply aware, and Walk in Silence,  Tom