Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you a quick update about how things are developing here with the Emergency live on line net cast that will take place within the next few days.  Dave Ott has just arrived in from Ohio and is in the process of setting up the Tracker Studio for the broadcast and today we are going to be working on some “B”roll as its called to show during the program.  Once those things are set up and in order I will be announcing the day and time of the Emergency update so that it will give you plenty of time to plan to attend.  We will need your feedback in the chat rooms for this one so if you can at all make it on line live with us it would be greatly appreciated.  There is so much going on right now that we want your feedback during the live program.  If you can’s attend live you can always download the program at a later date but given all of the circumstances we now face both individually and as the Tracker Family you will want to view the program as soon as you can.  

Also and equally as important is that I will be finally releasing the dates and descriptions of the two new on line classes I briefly talked about several days ago.  I had to wait until this point to announce these classes for many reasons where the biggest reasons is these very well could be among the most powerful classes I’ve ever run at the Tracker School and I want to make sure that everything is in order.  The announcement has already been sent out to various Tracker Groups like the Coyote Thunder Medicine Society, The Grandmothers, and some of the Keeper of the Wisdom, but I’ve made sure that I’ve held places open for many of you who will want to sign up.  Hopefully later today I’ll get those out to you.  

Now more than ever, Walk Strong, Walk in Silence,