Please Reach Out

Hi Again,

I know that I don’t really have to post this but I felt strongly that I should do it anyway.  Many of you are aware of the catastrophic flooding that has hit the Colorado area leaving many folks in horrific shape.  Many, and I mean many of the Tracker Family of students live in the Colorado area and I’ve been getting calls for help from some of them.  It makes no difference whether it is the Tracker Family or not, please reach out to them and see if you can help them in any way.  Check your mailing lists for names associated with the Colorado area and give them a call, an email, or a text, just to check on them and show them that you sincerely care.  Many in the Tracker Family are often out assisting others, even though their own homes are being battered and threatened but that is the way of Grandfathers’ Vision and the Vision of the Tracker Family and School.  Others first.  

So too are many proud, rather taking the route of doing things on their own, rather than asking for help, for after all they are all basically masters of survival.  Please, but please, ask for help.  That is what makes us all tick.  Helping others.  We come from such an isolated world, cut off from everyone and everything else, fearful to do something for one another as we wallow in suspicion and suspect shady motives.  Can those thoughts, just help one another, help strangers, even if only to offer a kind word of encouragement.  Send out that Concentric Ring of caring and compassion.  Please reach out far and wide.  No one is ever too busy to help another.  

And Thank You, for whatever you are able to do.

Prayer moves everything.

Walk Strong and in Silence,


Heading Home

Hi Folks,

I’m heading back home and to the Tracker Classes this weekend after a more than productive week of working vacation.  I’m more than overwhelmed with the video I was able to take of old friends from the Pine Barrens that had long ago moved into the North and South Carolina areas were they now call home.  It’s amazing how similar these areas are to where I grew up including the consciousness, edginess, and closeness to the Earth that the people live around here every day.  Most important I was able to capture their stories on video, stories of Grandfather and them coming together in times of need to be treated with his ancient medicinal herbs or just his kind words and understand fully though their observation how he changed lives.  

Equally as important as the video interviews are the grand array of “B” Video I was able to get for both my live on line and physical classes.  I was able to not only collect wild edible/medicinal plants but also capture many of them in the video format so that i can easily use them in the upcoming classes no matter on line or the physical class.  As I’ve said, this series of upcoming classes are probably going to be some of the most important of my life and I wanted to make sure I had all things I need and in place long before the classes begins.  In that same line of thought I’m going to fully settle in this weekend and then make the general announcement for these two very special classes probably monday.  I want to make sure I have everything set and in order beforehand.  

Anyway, I’m on my way home and have some very important teaching I would like to convey to all of you next post.  I also have a very important and key warning.  

In Medicine, Walk Strong,


The Mission

Hi Folks,

Well I thought I’d give you an update as to where I’m at and what I’m doing in that the Tracker rumor mill is no doubt buzzing with speculation.  Actually I’m sort of on a working vacation with Celeste in North and South Carolina.  Part of the focus of this adventure is to video record landscapes, wild edible and medicinal plants, and gather up assorted “B” roll video for upcoming online classes but it has embraced so much more than just that.  With the passing of my long time and dear friend Sandy, I got a real wake up call.  In a heart beat a cherished loved one can be taken from us and along with that most of the history, wanderings, thoughts, and personality of what drove them in life.  At that moment I realized how much of my life and the life of others that Grandfather encountered in his wanderings were laying in some dusty journal entry in storage units flung from Florida to New Jersey and how a journal entry can never do ones’ life history justice.  

With this in mind I realized that many of the old folks, the old Pineys that the locals called themselves when I was growing up had vanished.  These were the people that Grandfather and I encountered frequently and lived lives on the edge of civilization, mostly gleaning an income from the very piney landscapes and bogs that surrounded them.  During the late sixties and early seventies many of these local Pineys moved away as New Jersey Pinelands became more regulated and began to squeeze out their way of life.  To many of these local folks that knew and loved the Pine environment they had no choice but to move and that place to move became obvious.  Most, not all, moved into the Pine Lands of North and South Carolina because the topography and lifestyle was more to what they lived.  Many of the old timers that Grandfather treated with his medicinal wild herbs and swapped stories with are now located in these two states along with some very close childhood friends of mine.

That’s why I am here right now.  This has turned into a personal mission of mine.  Over the past few years I’ve located many of these old timers and they have agreed to be interviewed on video especially focusing on their friendship and the healing touch of Grandfather.  I have been very fortunate that my brother Jim has been doing the same for friends I grew up with that are still located in and around our area as he interviews and preserves the comments and insights of the early years, including of course the many adventures.  To date and over the past six years he has interviewed 26 folks and on this excursion I hope to interview at least 8, most of who are well into their eighties.  When this all comes together it is my intent, hopes, and dreams to be able to put it all together into one program that shows the intensity and far reaching touch of Grandfather and all those he helped and healed through the years.  

This has now become a mission, a Vision, and a passion, added to all the rest it truly becomes overwhelming in scope and intensity to say the least.  Of course I’m always assessing routes to safety through all of this.  My typical multitasking vacation.

In Medicine, In Silence,


Unsettled Feeling

Hi Folks,

I don’t like the deep visceral feeling of uncertainty and nervousness I’m getting surrounding the tuesday earthquake in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and then again another earthquake to hit the Izu Island chain off of Japan near Tokyo.  Both were near 7.0.  Though not uncommon the feeling I have about them is certainly anything but common.  It leaves me with a feeling of nervous anticipation, of such depths, focus, and intensity that I know that there is something more to come.  It is this language of depths, of knowing but not knowing how you know, that drives all Visionaries of the past and today.

When an event such as this happens in the news, or if that feeling just suddenly erupts from deep within you, stop what you are doing and pay rapt attention.  Silently, within the core of your very Soul, feel where that feeling leads you, what it is connected to, and the level of intensity of that feeling.  Look around you as you closely watch the natural world and observe their actions and reactions, concentric rings and nuances of interactions that don’t normally take place.  So too look toward the workings of mankind and feel what they are feeling, tapping into the collective consciousness of humankind, for all of us are part of the greater consciousness, anchored deeply into each other and the Earth.  

Pay attention.  Though time will pass don’t let that time bring upon you a complacency, callousness, or apathy.  Research what I am asking you.  Where do these earthquakes lead and where are they leading?  Is there a pattern, or is there no pattern that is obvious, and to where does our mind wander when we surrender to the future, to what place, what time, what people.  Where will the next cycle happen?  “Circles within circles, spheres within spheres, and like the very storms of the sea and tornadoes of the land, the swirls move deep within the Earth.”  Grandfather “63

Research, but research deep within yourself.  In Medicine, Tom

A Distinction

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to update you because I put this out there to my live on line classes yesterday and thought it would be good to make this announcement here also.  This way as we make the transition into fall and times get even tougher you will clearly understand the meaning of what I am posting to you.  Given the scope, theme, and intensity of the upcoming classes for the fall and winter schedule you know deep inside that something is coming, something sinister and horrific is waiting, and I want to simply prepare you for a series of quick emergency announcements with a minimum of words needed in that preparation.  

Basically the distinction is simple.  When I say, and when Grandfather said, “world events”, in the context or “world” he meant the world of mankind and all that mankind created and embraced.  In other words, when I use the term “state of the world” it is humankind, housing, electronics, populations, vehicles and transportation, diseases as applied to mankind and his livestock and crops, roadways, buildings, and the litany of other things man has devised.  When I say “state of the Earth” I am talking about Earth Mother and the natural world; the rhythm, tides, animals, plants, geology and geography, waterways and oceans, natural weather cycles, and of course our place in the world of nature, the Earth and the Children of the Earth.  

It is important that I make this destination now because as I said things are going to heat up fast.  Though the state of the World and the state of the Earth are closely associated with each other there are still areas of vast differences.  And it is in those differences that I must address each differently.  Time is another factor, for instance if a man made or man influenced event occurs in the world it make take some time to reach even the outer cortex of our Earth Mother or that synapse of cause and effect could happen very quickly.  Of course one will always influence the other but each situation, each influence, will be treated and addressed individually and connections made then at the announcement or warning phase.  

That said, the stage is now set and the language now in place to differentiate between “global or world events”, that pertaining to mankind and the workings of mankind, and the Earth events, that pertaining to nature and humankinds’ place within its embrace.  Sorry for the quick post but I though that this would be the best time to convey that distinction to you since the live on line classes are already using that language in and outside of the on line forum.  

In Medicine, In Silence,

Walk Strong, Tom