Unsettled Feeling

Hi Folks,

I don’t like the deep visceral feeling of uncertainty and nervousness I’m getting surrounding the tuesday earthquake in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and then again another earthquake to hit the Izu Island chain off of Japan near Tokyo.  Both were near 7.0.  Though not uncommon the feeling I have about them is certainly anything but common.  It leaves me with a feeling of nervous anticipation, of such depths, focus, and intensity that I know that there is something more to come.  It is this language of depths, of knowing but not knowing how you know, that drives all Visionaries of the past and today.

When an event such as this happens in the news, or if that feeling just suddenly erupts from deep within you, stop what you are doing and pay rapt attention.  Silently, within the core of your very Soul, feel where that feeling leads you, what it is connected to, and the level of intensity of that feeling.  Look around you as you closely watch the natural world and observe their actions and reactions, concentric rings and nuances of interactions that don’t normally take place.  So too look toward the workings of mankind and feel what they are feeling, tapping into the collective consciousness of humankind, for all of us are part of the greater consciousness, anchored deeply into each other and the Earth.  

Pay attention.  Though time will pass don’t let that time bring upon you a complacency, callousness, or apathy.  Research what I am asking you.  Where do these earthquakes lead and where are they leading?  Is there a pattern, or is there no pattern that is obvious, and to where does our mind wander when we surrender to the future, to what place, what time, what people.  Where will the next cycle happen?  “Circles within circles, spheres within spheres, and like the very storms of the sea and tornadoes of the land, the swirls move deep within the Earth.”  Grandfather “63

Research, but research deep within yourself.  In Medicine, Tom