Please Reach Out

Hi Again,

I know that I don’t really have to post this but I felt strongly that I should do it anyway.  Many of you are aware of the catastrophic flooding that has hit the Colorado area leaving many folks in horrific shape.  Many, and I mean many of the Tracker Family of students live in the Colorado area and I’ve been getting calls for help from some of them.  It makes no difference whether it is the Tracker Family or not, please reach out to them and see if you can help them in any way.  Check your mailing lists for names associated with the Colorado area and give them a call, an email, or a text, just to check on them and show them that you sincerely care.  Many in the Tracker Family are often out assisting others, even though their own homes are being battered and threatened but that is the way of Grandfathers’ Vision and the Vision of the Tracker Family and School.  Others first.  

So too are many proud, rather taking the route of doing things on their own, rather than asking for help, for after all they are all basically masters of survival.  Please, but please, ask for help.  That is what makes us all tick.  Helping others.  We come from such an isolated world, cut off from everyone and everything else, fearful to do something for one another as we wallow in suspicion and suspect shady motives.  Can those thoughts, just help one another, help strangers, even if only to offer a kind word of encouragement.  Send out that Concentric Ring of caring and compassion.  Please reach out far and wide.  No one is ever too busy to help another.  

And Thank You, for whatever you are able to do.

Prayer moves everything.

Walk Strong and in Silence,