I haven’t forgotten

Hi Folks,

I haven’t forgotten you.  I’m still working on the notes I want to send out on our water and water supplies not only here in the United States but across the world.  I want to get it right and make sure all of the facts are correct before I release any statement but water is fast becoming a huge but hidden issue.  

The reason I’m a bit behind is that I am preparing for the upcoming Healing on line class and the The Tracker School Handbook.  Both of these are taking up much of my time because they contain so much information, teaching and wisdom that I want to make sure I can fit it all is.  As it is now we are going to have to go over by at least another session just to fit everything   and allow me to go beyond what I had originally planned to teach.  One of the great things that will actually be starting today is that as a companion to the Tracker School Handbook I am going to the Primitive Camp with my production crew and taking the class on a tour of all the Sacred Places that were so much part of my life and the life of Grandfather.  If you are enrolled in the class I think that you will love the journey back in time and the stories relived.  

The communication about water will follow in a few days.  I have not forgotten.

Walk Strong and in Silence,