Pray Hard

Hi Folks,

I know that I don’t have to ask you this but I will anyway.  Please pray very hard for all of those people in the path of the most powerful storm known to the history of humankind.  With winds of 150 mph and driving rains this storm has the potential of doing unimaginable damage.  Look at the area of the Philippines where the typhoon is headed and you will see the shanty villages on stilts above the water made of little more than corrugated plastic and bits of scrap lumber.  Even in normal storm conditions these shelters are hardly adequate and so many die because of poor construction.  They are just hours away from the typhoon making landfall so right now would be the best time to send your empowered prayers and continue them through the day.  

May the Great Mystery give them strength.  

Thank you folks, In Medicine, 



Ps.  The western black rhino officially went extinct yesterday.  I think that about a month ago there were still a few left but given greed, ignorance, and illegal trade the rhino was just stolen from my children and grandchildren.