A Reminder

Hi Folks,

I know that many of you have problems remembering what day of the week it is far less the date and even the month. With this much time on most peoples hands they tend to loose track of time and date. I remember back to my wandering years where if someone asked me what time it was I’d say, “Well it’s half past spring”. But that is the way it is when time, date or even month don’t really matter anymore. You begin to follow another dimension of time, Earth Time where the rythms of existence is slowed and your life is based more on seasons, sunrise and sunset and the flow of natures tides of existence rather then the mechanical time of humankind. With this in mind I want to remind you all that tomorrow night, beginning at 5:00 pm and going well past 9:00 pm will be the start of the Pandemics Part II online class. In other words, tomorrow is Friday May 1st. 2020 for those of you who don’t remember what year it is.

To tell you the truth I’ll be glad when this class is all over and for two reasons. One reason is that I will be able to pass onto you these life saving teachings to help you not only flourish when all around you is in collabse but to expand your knowledge of all things of Spirit and Wilderness. The second reason that I’ll be glad when this is finished is that I’ve probably spent more time writing up and researching this online class outline than any other 5 classes combined. Even as I write this I’m still putting the final touches on the outline and as always I probably will not finish until just before the class begins tomorrow night. The biggest challenge for me has been trying to pack as much information and teaching into the class as humanly possible. Again, the date is Thursday, April 30th, 2020. LOL Blessings and In Medicine, Tom