Nova Scotia shootings and the Prayer of Warning

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The upcoming edition of the Razor’s Edge newsletter will include the following article written by Tracker student Adam Banks:

Prayer of Warning

My dear friends, I would like to tell you of my personal experience of the mass shooting that took place recently here in Nova Scotia. The killer disguised himself as an RCMP (police) officer and used a remodeled vehicle that resembled what our police forces drive. The details available about what occurred can easily be found in an internet search. In short, the rampage that transpired resulted in the heart-breaking deaths of twenty-three people (found to date) and spanned around ninety kilometers through the province towards my area, stopping around a fifteen minute drive from my house. Some victims were known to the killer and some were random. Here is my experience of being just a minute or two distance from the killer and the take-down by police. I have learned from the event and now share it with you so as to glean what you may find to be helpful.

I have to start a week prior to this event as that is when I received the first early warning of the event; likely a result of empowering the Prayer of Early Warning. As I drive in my vehicle, I often contemplate “what-if” scenarios and then ask myself what would I do if a situation like that arose. I thought of many things, but one scenario caused me to ponder a little longer than the others. That was the scenario of someone disguising themself as a police officer. This scenario had come back to me a few times but I did not recognize it as an event at the time. I considered it mind chatter and regular contemplation as it did not have much energy behind it other than it came to mind more times than any other scenario.

As the week went on, I began to feel a serious warning from Inner Vision. Everything is a bit tense from the pandemic, however this felt different and extremely dangerous. This hit me hard on many levels. I can only convey the magnitude of what I felt with the best visual that I can think of relating to this dangerous “wave” of energy…or was it a concentric ring that had been set in motion before the event even took place? Three days before the event, a dread hit me from nowhere. I felt it coming. I looked out of my living room window as I asked, “What is coming?” Then I surrendered and listened with the knowing that serious danger is coming.

I don’t know how to convey the depth and power of the energy I was feeling other than to say: imagine you are standing on a beach and as you look out at the waves and the coming storm, you see a giant tsunami coming your way! Just as that giant wave closes in above you, it begins to crest. It was then that I felt the magnitude, it was then that I went “oh…you know what,” it was then that time stopped. In this moment the wave froze high overhead, suspended. That was the magnitude and the energy that I had been feeling. The details of it were still eluding me, however…only raw energy, ready and waiting to begin its crash.

It was at this point that I did something that I have never done. Due to the seriousness, all I was gleaning from Inner Vision was to get protection fast for my family. It was then that I asked someone to borrow their gun for a bit. The warning was coming like a terrible scream to move now! I’m not a gun person at all, I’m not a fan of guns (I did not actually obtain a gun because I did not have the opportunity to travel at the time). That’s how serious that overhead wave was, sensing that at some point it would begin its crash. I believe that the Prayer of Early Warning was in full effect at this point.

After three days of feeling like I was in suspended time, on Sunday morning the wave crashed and time resumed. That’s when someone told me that there was a mass shooter on the loose. It was then that the details of that wave became clear. More than clear, Inner Vision was indicating a clear direction and distance of his presence. Like a proximity warning. This was very powerful and unmistakable. Why I did not glean these details at the time of the energy hitting me, I do not know. Why, when the scenario came to me a week ago, did I not recognize it as an event and let it slip back into subconscious thought? I don’t know. Yet the early warning was so powerful. I believe I may have made a terrible mistake and not surrendered enough, or I was not meant to have too much detail ahead of time for whatever reason.

Sensing the shooter’s presence, I left the house to protect the community and my family. The early warning I had was so intensely strong and I could feel how far away he was with accuracy. I was extremely driven by this surge from that wave (you have to experience it to really get the power of it), Inner Vision, and the Early Warning. Should he have escaped from the police (who I also knew would be where he was soon) and they lost him, and the result is that he came this way, then I would have stopped him. Without hesitation, and he would not have seen me until it was too late. I do not want to include exactly how, but I had the ability, and I recognized him from his photo as someone I had noticed a couple of times in the past, and I knew what he was driving. Mind you, if I saw him coming with the police behind him, then I would not have interfered and would have let them do their job. I was fairly confident that he would be taken down and that I would not encounter him. It was only a last resort just in case, but sure as Sunday I would have had him. I’m so thankful that it did not come to that and that he was taken down….

I hope this is helpful to you, and I did my best to describe something that can’t really be described but only experienced. Thank you to the officers who got him, and my heart is broken for the victims and their families. Please pray for them.

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