Emergency Update

Hi Folks,

Given the circumstances we are now facing with the general public beginning to emerge from forced hibernation I feel that it is more than time to do an Emergency Update. We are on the edge of something that can quickly spiral out of control if we are not very careful and even overcautious. Another element is that I want to go well beyond the “fixation point” of the corona pandemic and focus more on things that have been happening just beneath the surface. While people are distracted by the problem at hand they fail to see so many other warning signs that are around. By making you aware of them and going deeper into Grandfather’s Prophecy it is my hope that you will be well prepared for the next big surge as we get closer to the time of collapse.

The Emergency Update will be online on Thursday May 7th beginning at 7:00 pm. As you know the Emergency Updates are of not cost to you and are open to anyone interested in becoming part of the update. Blessing, Prayers, and In Medicine, Tom