Please Stop

Hi Folks,

I’m so sorry about this but I must ask you to please stop harassing the individual that abused the Tracker School email addresses. He informed me that he has been receiving death threats and hate mail and that is not what me or the Tracker School, Grandfather and the Lineage are about. To harbor a grudge, anger, hurt and betrayal is counterproductive. We have a war to fight together, a war to try and save our Sacred Earth Mother. Our numbers are so very few and we cant take part in the battle if along the way we are fighting among ourselves, pointing fingers and diminishing our energy buying into anger. So please stop harassing him.

On another note let me assure you that none of your personal records were compromised. Just the email addresses. We are taking steps now to prevent this from happening again, both through the web watchdogs and the legal elements now involved in this mess. As you know we at the Tracker School do not hand out class contact lists. That we leave in the hands of the class. I believed firmly that mailing lists were highly personal and used as a forum to further skills, ask questions and where people could go to further their education. Never did I think that these class lists, generated by the classes themselves, would be used for self-promotion, airing dirty laundry or advertisement. I must admit that this has really shaken me to the core of my Soul. But please, back off. I hope and pray that this never happens again. As the old saying goes, “People see your deeds but God knows your motives.”

On another vein of thought;

The Part II of the Pandemics online class is just a week away and shortly I will be sending out a Post dealing with things that I need you to do and prepare for the class. By far this Part II has taken me weeks to put together and it has been one monumental challenge but I know that no matter what level of education at the Tracker School you have had this class will rock the foundations of what you know. In Medicine and Blessings, Tom