A Sincere Apology

Hi Folks,

I’m so very sorry. I feel like I’ve been betrayed, gutted, slapped in the faced. If you received an email that was not generated by me or the Tracker School I apologize for the intrusion into your privacy. A certain individual broke into our data base and subsequently emailed our entire mailing list under the guise that you had been in a class with him. I refuse to step so low and mention the individuals name but it utterly sickens me. This morning I was hit by emails from many of you folks who said I violated their trust by allowing their email address to get out. My attorneys, accountants, agents, doctors and so many other people not even connected to the Tracker School as a student have contacted me asking me what was going on. I am so very sorry for this. Not only was I betrayed by someone I thought I could trust but he also betrayed the Tracker School, the Elders, the Tracker Family and the Keepers of the Wisdom. It sickens me to realize that he also betrayed Grandfather and the Ancient Lineage. Right now the matter is in our attorneys hands because this is blatant theft. Again, I’m so very sorry for all of this. With all that is going on in the world this is the last thing I needed to happen. Blessings and In Medicine, Tom

Ps; I want to assure all of you that this will not happen again. I’m having a phone meeting with our attorneys who have been in contact with the FBI and we will make sure that all private information is protected. I’m in utter shock over all of this.